Land and Real Estate

Working in Ukraine you should always remember about legal aspects of business. Legal services are provided by a team of the experienced EBS lawyers, who have a good understanding of the Ukrainian legislation and can guarantee legitimacy of your business decisions in the framework of registration, reorganization and dissolution processes, labor relations and taxation issues.

EBS offers the following services relating to the real estate:


  • Making your land available for lease, prolongation of the land plot lease, introduction of modifications to the agreement (change of the tenant, change of the agreement duration)
  • Approval of the project relating to the lease or sale of a land plot
  • Privatization and dale of the land plots
  • Registration of a land plot in the State Land Cadastre (formation of a land plot in the national cadastre scheme on the basis of the land documents, receipt of the cadastral number)
  • Division of a land plot in kind and unification of the land plots
  • Change of the land purpose
  • Registration of ownership (usage, lease)


  • Preparation of the documents package for sale, purchase or lease of real estate
  • Assistance in the purchase of real estate
  • Real estate management
  • Investment in real estate
  • Legal support of real estate acquisitions agreements


  • Commissioning of real estate (receipt of declaration of the object readiness for operation or compliance certificates)
  • Measurement, preparation of technical specification
  • Legalization of replanning, reconstruction, unauthorized construction
  • Accrual and registration of title

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