Corporate Law

Our company offers a whole range of services relating to registration, re-registration, and dissolution of possessors, social associations, including representative offices of foreign possessors. We can temporary undertake functions of the executive body of your company, develop internal policies, perform due-diligence and complex of other measures, and protect your company from violation of the legislation.

The consulting company EBS offers services relating to registration of the legal entities, and other accompanying services in the sphere of organization and conduct of business in Ukraine, including:

  • Counseling on doing business in Ukraine and selection of the most appropriate legal form of the enterprise.
  • Registration of legal entities and representative offices of the foreign companies in Ukraine.
  • Preparation of articles of association and different types of agreements
  • Counseling on investing in Ukraine, currency control and regulation
  • Receipt of the licenses for entrepreneurial activities on the territory of Ukraine
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Provision of the services relating to re-registration of the companies — reorganization of the existing companies to other legal forms
  • Holding of the shareholders/members meetings
  • Counseling on corporate management and protection of shareholders’ rights
  • Counseling on taxation and compliance with labor legislation
  • Legal representation in state and regulatory bodies, courts of all jurisdictions

Also the company offers extensive support for the clients relating to mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and settlement of corporate conflicts.

As a result of long-lasting successful corporate practice and knowledge of industry specific features of the Ukrainian economy, the client receives a reliable and experienced partner which can organize and support entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine.

The consulting company EBS offers services relating to dissolution of the company and procedures, connected with this, on the territory of Ukraine. The company’s lawyers perform a whole range of actions connected with dissolution of legal entities of different legal forms, including:

  • Preparation of all necessary documents
  • Representation of interests in the state, tax and other regulatory bodies
  • Representation of interests during negotiations with the creditors
  • Counseling on labor relations, dismissal and payment of remuneration to the personnel
  • Offering of alternative option for closure of the companies
  • Carrying out bankruptcy procedures
  • Carrying out dissolution of the company as a result of mergers and acquisitions, change of founders

Professional approach to dissolution procedures and fast response at all stages ensure efficient solution of the client’s tasks significantly saving time and resources.


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