Pre-trial Settlement and Judicial Disputes

Competent and timely counseling on labor disputes can help to solve many issues: ranging from the simplest to the most complex, which without participation of the specialists can result in court hearings. Each labor lawyer working in our company has more than 3 years of experience and perfect knowledge of any nuances and peculiar features of professional disagreements. We provide consultations on labor, economic, civil, tax, customs, administrative disputes, which are meant to solve any issues.

Labor disputes: Ukraine

Work of our company is focused in Ukraine – it means that our labor lawyer in Kyiv can meet the client in the office or provide consultation in any convenient place. Clients from the other cities can get consultations on labor issues during personal meetings in the office, online or over the phone.

Any consultation on labor or other issues is provided under condition of strict confidentiality – it means that results of the discussion with the lawyer will be known only to the client or both parties to the conflict. Information is not disclosed to the third parties. Legal consultation of our company on judicial issues has three stages:

  1. Legal consultation. This is the first stage, during which the company provides oral and written consultations on the Ukrainian legislation covering tax, labor, civil and economic spheres.
  2. Participation of the lawyer: Legal support of the client. The service includes support of the client during inspections of the administrative institutions: Holding of the negotiations with the competitors, settlement of the conflicts and appeal against the actions of the authorities.
  3. Services of the lawyer. We offer to protect the client’s interests in the court. The company’s services include: Recovery of debts, protection of the client’s infringed rights, settlement of issues relating to employment and business conflicts.

Lawyer: Labor law

Quite often the companies face different labor conflicts – our company’s lawyer is always ready to protect the client in any state authorities. Due to participation of a good lawyer, any labor disputes can be easily settled with minimum expenditures. Contact us — our clients are always ready to provide legal assistance in settling important legal issues.


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