Legal services for business have long become a necessity, because competent support will not only save you from working with documentation, allowing you to concentrate on business development, but will also provide many other advantages. An experienced lawyer will be able to explain in detail and intelligibly the legal requirements for the activities of your particular company, warn about possible financial and legal risks. Comprehensive legal support directly affects the growth of labor efficiency.

What are the advantages of our services compared to inhouse?

  • Thanks to the hourly payment, legal advice is more economically feasible, because having continuous practice even with the most complex cases in various fields, an EBS lawyer will solve any problem many times faster.
  • Each lawyer in our office in Kiev is an integral part of a team that works in synergy. By being able to see the problem from a variety of points of view, gaining experience from colleagues, the solution will be more effective.
  • When choosing a lawyer for your staff, you have to make a choice from a variety of applicants, based on resume, professional reputation and interview results, in case of mistakes of a subordinate, taking all risks, including financial ones, on yourself. Choosing business support at EBS, you get the services of leading experts in your field, whose qualifications for us are the key to ethical business conduct and the basis of business reputation.

Comprehensive legal support is carried out not only by some of the leaders in the legal market of Kiev, but also by authorities who conduct seminars and lectures for colleagues throughout Ukraine. Experienced lawyers will always provide competent detailed advice, quickly put the documentation in order, and provide legal protection of interests in the event of disputes. In addition, our main task, we see not only the solution, but, above all, the timely prevention of any problems with regulatory authorities and counterparties.

In addition to business support, legal advice is an equally important aspect of EBS’s activities. This is a qualified legal assistance of a specialist who can find a way out of a difficult situation or avoid “pitfalls” in the company’s activities. In consulting, lawyers refer to the current legislation and confirm the arguments with many years of experience, and also provide assistance in drafting legal documents, protecting intellectual property, and also provide consulting services in Ukraine on a subscription basis.

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The twenty-first edition of the semi-annual EBS Digest has been published

We are pleased to present to you the twenty-first edition of EBS Digest. The publication includes a selection of articles and practical cases in management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, personnel management and legal practice.

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The nineteenth edition of the EBS Digest was published

June 2020 We are pleased to introduce the eighteenth version of EBS Digest. The publication, which includes a collection of articles and practical cases within the framework of management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, personnel management and legal practice.