If a business meets one of the categories that the eSupport service is designed for, it is automatically added to the program.


The President of Ukraine initiated a program to support businesses that were most affected during the pandemic. If a person is vaccinated with two doses and has a certificate in the app, they will be able to receive UAH 1,000 from the state and spend it on theatres, cinemas, museums, gyms, concerts, books, domestic transportation. Pursuant to this resolution, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution No. 1272 “Certain Issues of Providing Assistance under the eSupport Program” dated December 09, 2021.


How does it work?


If your business category matches one of the categories (the MCC code must match one of the codes in the resolution) that the eSupport service is designed for, it will automatically join the program. You don’t need to send a request, customers can already pay for your services and products with the eSupport card.


In order for your services or products to be paid with a eSupport card, you must have:

  1. POS terminal.
  2. MCC code corresponding to one of the codes from the resolution:


Culture 5942
Domestic passenger transportation
by rail and air transport
Physical culture and sports 7941


How do I check my business’s MCC code?


The MCC code is specified in the payment receipts that pass through your POS terminal. You can also contact the bank that issued the terminal or provides acquiring on the internet resource.


Why might the payment fail?


Payment will not pass if the business’s MCC code does not match any code from the resolution list, or if payment is made to the account of a blacklisted legal entity.


What do I need to pay via the Internet?


This is a regular payment via the Internet, so the procedure is standard: an Internet acquiring agreement must be concluded, integrated into the site or application, the POS terminal must be working, and the MCC code must match one of the resolution codes.


Advertising materials


Tell your customers that you accept eSupport cards. Download official advertising materials and use them on the business website or at the checkout.