This is the first question that you can hear from potential client and which we ask ourselves when it comes to goods and services. The services cannot be seen and tried, so you can feel  doubts about the fair value formation.

The cost of services for any outsourcing and consulting services depends on a number of factors, including: type of business, business size, number of employees, organization of internal divisions, organizational structure and many others that will form the cost of future services. There is no standard formula, and outsourcing costs can sometimes be less than your own resource, and vice versa.

On the part of the consultant, of course, the cost will be affected by the amount of time required for the implementation of the project, the number of specialists of different levels and qualifications, and the complexity of the project.

If confidentiality, reliability, professionalism, flexibility and speed in decision making are important for the Client, then the choice of a Partner for the provision of outsourcing and consulting services becomes more obvious.

Our experience and reputation has been tested over the years and the trust of clients, and every year we accumulate knowledge, find new solutions and implement them in our projects.