Management Accounting and Reports Automation According to IAS

Our experts will develop automatic reporting system for your company in compliance with IAS, assist in policies development, support you during the transitional period and establish management accounting in order to help managers to take correct strategic decisions.

Establishment of the accounting system in accordance with the international standards

EBS will perform the following tasks:

System introduction:

  • Performance of the limited audit procedures in order to assess compliance of the company’s accounting with the Ukrainian Accounting Provisions (Standards);
  • Development of the accounting policy in accordance with IAS, and sub-accounting system;
  • Development of the technical specification for automation;
  • Training of the personnel on accounting procedures in accordance with IAS standards;
  • Introduction of the system, including: additional documents, necessary level of analysis in order to prepare reports in compliance with IAS;
  • Setup of necessary forms for reports and breakdowns;
  • Support at the first stage of usage and organization of training.

Stages of the accounting system establishment in accordance with the international standards

Planning and launching of the project

  • Approval of the participants and creation of a project team
  • Development and approval of a detailed plan of works

Diagnostics of accounting in accordance with the Ukrainian Accounting Provisions (Standards)

  • Performance of approved audit procedures
  • Development of accounting policy
  • Development of accounting policy in accordance with IAS
  • Training of the users on IAS fundamentals


Accounting setup

  • Development of statement of work (finalization of plans relating to accounts, documents, reports – 4 forms in the standard format of the Ministry of Finance, 4 forms in the IAS format, notes)
  • Development of additional IAS documents (accrual of allowance, etc)
  • Programming of changes in the standard and new reports forms
  • Programming of notes for the financial statements


  • Testing of introduced solutions

Support during current operation Reports

  • Development of manuals for the users
  • Training of the users

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