Market entry support and marketing strategy development

Supporting a company as it enters the market is an important step for a business that is searching for its niche in a new market.

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Collection of general market information

Development of an individual business plan

Launching a finance system

Supporting a company as it enters the market is an important step for a business that is searching for its niche in a new market. In order for a company to take its place among other players, a clear plan of action needs to be developed, because someone who is not seen is unlikely to be successful with clients.

Company executives are not always sure whether their product is in demand, who buys it best, what features of the product might be attractive to consumers, nor do they always know how to make their product become deeply rooted in the minds of existing and potential clients.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for companies to realize over time that the product concept was hastily chosen and the four ‘R’ around it turned out to be the wrong ones; sometimes, they rush from one product concept to another, losing old clients and not gaining new ones.

Development and Implementation of the Company’s Marketing Strategy

In order for a new product launch or market entry to be successful, a comprehensive strategy must be developed, which consists of the following steps:

  • Detailed diagnostics of the company’s marketing activities;
  • Highlighting the company’s key competencies;
  • Formation of consumer value of products;
  • Market analysis and segmentation;
  • Analysis of competitors’ activities;
  • Selecting target segments;
  • Segmentation and product positioning strategy development;
  • Building a cooperation strategy;
  • Planning of new products/services;
  • Building a trademark management strategy;
  • Search for points of differentiation;
  • Building a distribution strategy;
  • Building a pricing strategy;
  • Building a promotion strategy, sales promotion.

To address these challenges, the EBS consulting company offers tailored marketing strategies based on global best practices and the client’s industry specific peculiarities as well as the client’s work specifics.

When developing a marketing strategy, we work with both company marketing specialists and managers from production, finance and other departments, as well as experts who help us better understand the specifics of a particular market. As a result of this collaboration, our client receives a promotion strategy that allows them to develop their product or brand over the long term, with the adaptability to changing external factors and ensure their business is competitive and profitable.

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Market Entry Strategy: Advantages of Professional Services

Competent market entry support is a combination of the best marketing strategies for creating an attractive, solid image of the company, saving finances and time. Due to comprehensive support, the company always succeeds in its business and withstands serious competition. Advantages of working with us:

  • Highly qualified professionals in a particular field who are ready to carry out the work on a turnkey basis: to carry out all the necessary research, analysis, and to implement the products as effectively as possible on the basis of the data obtained.
  • Summing up, measuring the efficiency of the operations carried out. Development of a business strategy for the years ahead and supporting the company when it enters the market.

Market Entry Support as an investment in company development


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