Development of Operational and Financial Policies

Successful functioning of the company, especially when it is quickly developing, requires that all the employees strictly keep to the set rules and procedures. That is why we offer the service, relating to development of the operational policies and procedures. This service is useful, because before creation of the policies, we analyze the existing business processes and examine the informational systems, used by the Company. The next stage includes development of the recommendations and plan for improvement of the existing processes and creation of the organizational structure, system of incentive, adaptation and assessment of the personnel, depending on the client’s needs. After all these actions we provide a report and discuss policies and procedures, which must be created.

EBS advisors can provide the Client with the following policies and procedures:

– accounting policy

– management accounting system

– financial accounting system

– budgeting

– procedures relating to search, selection, adaptation, assessment and motivation of the personnel, etc.

The EBS advisors create not only procedures, but also forms for assessment and testing, as well as other instruments, which will be required by the company for successful introduction of new procedures.

All policies and procedures are developed by the EBS advisors together with the company’s employees, who can provide information about the company’s needs.

EBS ensures training for key employees of the company, who will be involved in new procedures and processes.


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