Development of Operational and Financial Policies

For a business to function, especially in a fast paced environment, it is essential that all employees follow clearly defined rules and procedures. Therefore, we offer a service for the development of operational policies and procedures. This service is useful in that before the direct creation of policies, diagnostics of existing business processes is carried out, information systems used by the Company are studied. The next step is to develop recommendations and an action plan for improving existing processes, as well as building an organizational structure, a system of motivation, adaptation and assessment of personnel, depending on the needs of the client. After all the actions, a report is provided and the policies and procedures that need to be created are agreed.

EBS Consultants may provide the Client with the following policies and procedures:

  • accounting policy
  • management reporting systems
  • financial reporting systems
  • budgeting.
  • procedures for the search and selection, adaptation, assessment and motivation of personnel and others.
  • EBS consultants create not only procedures, but also assessment forms, testing forms and other tools that the Company will need to successfully implement the new procedures.

All policies and procedures are developed by EBS Consultants in conjunction with Company employees who are required to provide information on the company’s needs.

EBS provides training to key Company employees who will be involved in the new procedures and processes.

What are the benefits of developing operational and financial policies by EBS?

  • profit maximization not only in the moment, but also in the long term;
  • achieving financial transparency of the corporation for owners (shareholders, founders), investors and creditors;
  • the use of market mechanisms for raising capital through the issue of corporate securities, financial leasing, project financing;
  • development of an effective financial management mechanism (financial management) based on diagnostics of the financial condition, taking into account the setting of strategic goals for the corporation, adequate to market conditions, and the search for ways to achieve them;
  • cost control, reduction of the production cycle period;
  • minimization of financial risks.

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