Development of Operational and Financial Policies

For a business to function, it is very important that all employees follow clearly regulated rules and procedures.

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Assessment of the effectiveness of management and reporting systems

Development of a management and financial reporting system

Accounting Policy Development

For a business to function, especially in conditions of rapid development, it is very important that all employees follow clearly regulated rules and procedures. Therefore, we offer a service for the development of operational policies and procedures. This service is useful because before the direct creation of policies, diagnostics of existing business processes is performed, information systems used by the Company are studied. The next step is to develop recommendations and an action plan for improving existing processes, as well as building an organizational structure, a system of motivation, adaptation and evaluation of personnel, depending on the client’s needs. After all the actions, a report is provided and the policies and procedures that need to be created are agreed upon.

EBS advisors can provide services for the development of the following policies and procedures:

  • Development of a financial policy, analytics and reporting systems
  • Development of an accounting policy, as well as management and financial accounting systems that are necessary to obtain reliable financial information and effective operation of the Company. Development of ToR for the information system and implementation of management and financial accounting
  • Development of budget policy and budgeting management system
  • Detailing the budgeting system to the level of each division and budget type, structuring the roles of participants in the Company’s budget process.

EBS advisors create not only procedures, but also evaluation forms, testing forms and other tools that the Company will need to successfully implement new or improve existing processes, evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s financial management.

All policies and procedures are developed by EBS Advisors together with the Company’s employees, from whom information about the company’s needs is required.

EBS provides training to key employees of the Company who will be involved in new processes.

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What advantages does the development of operational and financial policies by EBS provide?

  • A clear action plan for the company’s financial departments that allows all employees to follow the company’s global goal
  • Achieving financial openness of the corporation for owners (shareholders, founders), investors and creditors;
  • The use of progressive methods of managing the company’s subsections.
  • Development of an effective financial management mechanism (financial management) based on the diagnosis of the financial condition, taking into account the setting of strategic goals of the corporation’s activities, adequate to market conditions, and the search for ways to achieve them.
  • The ability to control the work of all departments of the company

Development of Operational and Financial Policies as an investment in company development


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