Decrease in losses due to the ability to predict them

Reduction of time and financial costs

Increasing business profitability due to the rationale for prioritizing costs

This service stipulates unbiased assessment of efficiency, transparency and reliability of the most important systems of the enterprise: management and financial. Our specialists check documents, arrange reports, help to create a correct economic model, which will increase general income of the company. EBS offers the services, relating to development of the model for the financial statements. By means of this model the company’s management can quickly and timely provide financial statements to the external users, using minimum resources and adhering to the requirements of these users.

Development of the model for financial and management reports

Development of the model for financial and management reports will allow the client to get to the new level of activities, due to increase in the revenues. Competently planned system means huge potential for further development of the company, since:

  • It regulates financial statements By means of the reports the management of the company can analyze expenditures and profits of the company for certain period of time and estimate time needed to accumulate certain amount of money (e.g. for purchase of new equipment).
  • Allows increasing the company’s income. A competently planned system allows to significantly reduce expenditures. This is also greatly influenced by the correct actions of the managers. Due to this, the organization can accumulate money, which can be spent to advertise the company and increase profit by means of the new clients.

The primary tasks of our company are the following: Introduction of the statement of work (plan), which shall be adhered to, and introduction of complete financial accounting.

Financial statements model will include a standard set of documents (balance sheet, profit and loss report and cash flow report) and additional reports, needed to get complete financial information.

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Our services include

  • Analysis of the current management and financial reports
  • Assessment of the efficiency, transparency and reliability of the management and financial reports system
  • Development of a financial policy, sub-accounting system and reports
  • Development of an accounting policy as well as management and financial reports system, which are necessary in order to get reliable financial information and ensure efficient work of the Company. Preparation of statement of work for information system and introduction of management and financial reports
  • Development of a budget policy and budgeting system
  • Development of a budgeting policy, stipulating general principles of the company’s activities planning. Detalization of the budgeting system up to the level of each department and budget type, structuring of the roles of budget process participants.

The package of reports, developed by EBS for the managers, includes organization of a system for provision of the top management of the company with the structured information about all aspects of the company’s activities in the form of a set of documents (certificates, reports, notes, etc.)

As a result of the project, the company’s management receives a set of documents, aimed at provision of the complete and well-structured information in a human readable fashion.



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    • Reduction of losses due to opportunity to forecast and detect the reasons
    • Reduction of time loss and financial expenditures, connected with reaction to the changes due to unbiased modeling of the situation
    • Increase in profitability due to reasoning of the expenses prioritization;
    • Reduction of expenditures due to complete transparency of their structure and formation processes;
    • Increase in company’s manageability due to determination of the financial responsibility centers and delegation of the authorities


    • Transparency and completeness of the financial information
    • Opportunity to control work of all departments
    • Opportunity to understand connection of each task with the general purposes of the company
    • Opportunity to clearly and reasonably plan financial resources
    • Opportunity to significantly reduce expenditures and increase work efficiency