Designing Company Development Strategies

The development of an effective strategy will allow the development of a clear plan of action for the company

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Planning for further cooperation with the client

Choosing a company’s development direction

Strategy implementation

The development of an effective strategy, if done on time, will allow the development of a clear plan of action for the company, both for the short term and for the longer term. In addition, this service will enable you to make an informed choice about the way forward and determine mutually beneficial conditions for productive cooperation. Designing a development strategy is a very multifaceted process that requires an outside professional perspective and is fundamental to increasing income. This is exactly what our specialists do, ready to take control of the organization’s running at any time.

Strategy Development

The development of the company’s strategy takes place in several stages, each of which plays a specific role. In particular, the process involves not only advice that works well in theory, but also the services of EBS, including regular meetings with client company managers, the study of reports and statistics on specific periods and the development of an action plan based on the findings. Depending on the nature of the business or the client’s wishes, one of two approaches to strategy development can be used to develop the Mission, Vision, Objectives and Strategies

Approach 1. Conducting a company development workshop with management;

Approach 2. Conducting a series of working meetings with management.

Regardless of the approach chosen, EBS uses a proven consultant-client methodology in its Strategic Development projects, which ensures that not only the consultants’ knowledge and expertise are utilized, but also that strategic elements are developed that are close and understandable to the staff who will deliver them. At the same time, each of these approaches has its own specific organization and implementation steps.

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  • Holding meetings with management to reach a common vision;
  • A unified management vision of the development strategy is formed with the necessary detail and adequate time;
  • Management concentration and ‘decoupling’ from day-to-day work issues;
  • Collective discussion by all key managers on important problems and issues;
  • Team building;
  • In a fairly short time, a common vision was formed, and key indicators (goals) and development strategies were discussed and defined.

Designing Company Development Strategies an investment in company development


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    A clear and understandable goal and purposeful activity are the components that help everyone to be more effective and persevere, by doing so, to achieve the desired and expected results. In turn, for companies with many performance interferers, such a clear goal is even more necessary than for an individual, as it helps to combine efforts and, through coordinated work, achieve the goals set. What needs to be done and how to direct the efforts of the company and its individual employees determines the strategy.

    At the same time, for most Ukrainian businesses in the first stage of strategic development, the need to develop a Mission, which is fundamental to developing the ‘right’ objectives and strategies, becomes relevant. Because the Mission is, on the one hand, a socially useful goal and, on the other hand, the Values, the principles from which the corporate culture is formed.

    This objective will be reached, when EBS will:

    • Develop a Company Strategy
    • Formalize a report with the goals and strategies of the Company;
    • Make a common understanding of business development strategies by all managers;
    • Develop a comprehensive development plan based on strategies (road map);
    • Develop a report with the best practices of the participants in the strategy development process.

    In general, the development of the firm’s strategy aims not only to develop a future direction, but also to improve the quality of service. If the entrepreneur sticks to the terms and conditions of the business that the EBS experts provide, success is assured.

    Strategy Development Service

    Many are interested in the cost of designing a development strategy. The final price depends on several factors, among which the determining ones are:

    • Niche that the company occupies in the market;
    • Size of the company;
    • Features of internal and external activities;
    • Approach to the provision of services.

    The development of enterprise strategies will help any organization to become more successful, win the love and trust of clients, as well as significantly increase the income level of the owner.