Study and analysis of the mission

Detailed diagnostics of the existing structure

Identification of weaknesses and problem areas in the organization

Success of any company depends largely on the coordinated work off all structural departments of the company, under condition of the efficient organization of work of each structural unit and relations between them. But executives of the company do not always know whether each department of the company is organized and works efficiently, and secondly they do not always know which organizational structure can help to ensure the most efficient cooperation between the departments in the company and as a result growth in efficiency of the company’s operations.

EBS helps its clients to improve general results of the company’s activities by increasing efficiency of the work of its structural departments, separately and all together as integral parts of the whole. In order to solve these tasks, EBS provides services relating to the organizational restructuring/optimization, using global experience, taking into account specific features of the client’s work and industry, where the client operates. Performing organizational restructuring/optimization we work with the company’s management and with each separate employee of all functional departments, as a result of such joint work our client gets optimized organizational structure, which will be an important element of the company’s success on the way to achievement of the set purposes.

Company’s restructuring includes change of the internal structure of the company and all its elements. Necessity of this process can be dictated by the internal and external factors, directly influencing the company’s activities.

Optimization of business process management is an integral and comprehensive process, and therefore it has several stages.

Despite the length of the cooperation, finally the client will get the enterprise ready for further work with established internal and external systems.

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  • Examination and analysis of the mission, vision, principles and main strategies of the company
  • Determination of the role of each functional department of the company, their mains tasks and key functions – “as is” and «to be».
  • Detailed diagnostics of the existing structure, distribution of obligations and organization of work of the company as a whole and of each separate functional department, by examining incorporating documents and holding interviews with its employees.
  • Detection of weak points and problems influencing inefficiency of interaction between the functional departments and organization of work of each organizational department.
  • Determination of the main purposes and direction of changes in existing organizational structure

Development of the optimized organizational structure of the company, stipulating:

  • Formation of the organizational structure and organization of its work
  • Formation of the structure and organization of work of each structural unit of the company, taking into account its role in the company, key tasks and functions.
  • Reorganization of functions of each work place
  • Optimization of functional department’s work in order to release internal resources
  • Development of provisions on the company’s departments
  • Development of functional responsibilities for each position in the company
  • Even distribution of work load between the employees
  • Introduction of new positions with explanation of their importance and description of functions
  • Assessment of the existing personnel with a view to compliance with the requirements relating to jobs in the new structure.
  • Development of qualification requirements to vacancies
  • If necessary, organization of trainings for the personnel and/or development of the training plan for the company’s personnel.



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  • Increase in efficiency of the company’s work as a result of which the company completely achieves the set tasks and purposes.
  • Release of the internal resources due to optimized redistribution of the work load and functional obligations between the employees
  • Increase in performance due to rational redistribution of the obligations and improved qualification of the personnel
  • Improvement of the interaction between the functional departments, resulting in improvement of the company’s results as a whole

During the strategic restructuring, the company improves management system, adjusts financial and economic spheres of work, examines marketing systems and goods, and improves direct control over the professional actions of the personnel. Usually processes optimization is necessary if the company notices low efficiency of its activities, which can manifest itself as insufficient income, debts and other aspects.

Nevertheless optimization services are often ordered by the successful businessmen, wishing to support development of their business and make necessary changes on time, not waiting for the decline. Restructuring of the company has two purposes, which are achieved stage by stage:

  1. Increased competitiveness of the company on the market.
  2. Increased cost of the supplied products.

Analysis of the organizational structure

Analysis of the organizational structure stipulates large scale work, which can last up to one year.