Organizational restructuring

The success of any business with no exception depends to a large extent on the coordinated work of all departments.

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Study and analysis of the mission

Detailed diagnostics of the existing structure

Identification of weaknesses and problem areas in the organization

The success of any business with no exception depends to a large extent on the coordinated work of all departments. However, management is not always sure whether each of them is really organized and working efficiently, and secondly, whether it knows which organizational structure will allow for the most effective cooperation between units and, as a result, the best impact on business performance growth.

Optimization of business process management is a voluminous and multifaceted process, so it takes place in several stages


  • Study and analysis of mission, vision, principles, goals and key strategies;
  • Defining the role of each structural unit, their main tasks and key functions – ‘as is’ and ‘as should be’;
  • Detailed diagnosis of the existing structure, segregation of duties and organization of activities of both the company as a whole and each functional unit by studying the statutory documentation and conducting interviews with employees;
  • Identification of weaknesses and inefficiencies in the organization of unit interaction;
  • Identification of the main objectives and areas for change in the actual structure;
  • Development of an optimal organizational structure, which includes:
    • Formation of the structure and establishment of the activities of each unit, based on its role in the company, as well as key tasks and functions;
    • Reorganization of the functions of each workplace;
    • Optimization of work to free up internal resources;
    • Development of regulations for the company’s divisions and job descriptions;
    • Uniform distribution of workload among employees;
    • Introduction of new positions with the justification of their necessity and description of functions and responsibilities;
  • Assessment of existing staff for compliance with the requirements for positions in the new structure;
  • Development of qualification requirements for vacant positions;
  • If necessary, conducting trainings for staff and/or developing a training plan for staff.

Analysis of the Organizational Structure

Such an analysis involves extensive work that requires manpower and time. Despite the duration of cooperation, eventually the client will receive a company ready for further work with fully established internal and external systems.

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  • Improved company performance, resulting in the company fully meeting its objectives and achieving its goals;
  • Releasing internal resources through optimal redistribution of workload and functional responsibilities among company employees;
  • Increased productivity through rational segregation of duties and staff development;
  • Improved interaction of functional units and, as a result, improved company performance as a whole. Although optimization services are often requested by quite successful businesspeople who want to maintain the development of their business at the appropriate level and to carry out all the necessary transformations in time without waiting for the decline.

Organizational restructuring has two key objectives, which are achieved in stages:

  • Increasing competitiveness in its niche in the market;
  • Increasing the cost of the supplied products.

Therefore, EBS consultants aim to achieve their goals and help the company’s management get the best possible results.

Organizational restructuring an investment in company development


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    EBS experts help to improve overall performance by enhancing the efficiency of the organization of business units, both individually and collectively, as integral parts of the whole. To meet these challenges, the EBS team offers organizational restructuring or optimization services based on best global practices and tailored to the client’s industry. In organizational restructuring, we work both with management and individually with each individual employee in each business unit, and as a result our client gets the optimum organizational restructuring that will be an important component of business success.

    The process of organizational restructuring involves a deliberate change in the internal structure and all the consituents of the company. The need for this process may be dictated by external or internal factors with a direct impact on the business.