Determination of project specifics

Project planning and launch

Preparing for business process modeling

Optimization of Business Processes

Efficiency and result of each company’s activities depend on efficiency and interaction of all its elements — functions, organizational departments, employees, technical and information systems. Very often operation of separate functions of the company or its organizational departments aims at achievement of their own specific purposes, which can cause difficulties for interaction between them and for the company’s activities as a whole. The results of such separation can be different, in particular: Depreciation of quality and efficiency of work, growth of expenditures, operational delays and failures, inefficient information exchange, etc. All of them negatively influence the company’s activities and its results.

One of the ways to solve such problems is determination, description and improvement of business processes — cross functional flows of works, which are interconnected and aimed at achievement of the main company’s purposes. Process management allows not only to increase efficiency of the activities, but also to significantly reduce risks that the company’s purposes will not be achieved.

EBS helps its clients to determine business processes in the framework of the general activities, describe processes and connections between them, develop and introduce improvements in processes, regulate company’s activities, and, if necessary, introduce business process management system. Besides, EBS provides services relating to modeling of processes for solution of the specific tasks. For example: Introduction of informations technologies, creation of internal control systems, quality control, etc. In order to solve these tasks, EBS uses best practices, instruments, technologies, global experience, taking into account specific features of the client’s work and industry, where the client operates.

Optimization of the processes requires involvement of the company’s top managers and its employees. It allows to overcome resistance to changes and create favorable environment for introduction of the improvements.

Optimization of business processes means harmonious interconnection of different processes. To put it bluntly, representatives of each structure of the enterprise must understand the sense of their work and its influence on the general activities of the company. Sometimes not all company’s employees understand importance of their professional activities- sometimes they even doubt feasibility of such activities. The task of our company is to settle each branch of business, in order to receive unified organism, which functions quickly, competently and productively.

Experience has proven that problems, which develop inside the company, become the main reason for conflict situations at the meetings. They significantly damage functioning of the business processes and can be eliminated only by means of the company’s CEO. It is necessary to achieve complete mutual understanding between the employees and management structures. Optimization of business processes can last for several months.

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  • Determination of project’s distinct features, preparation of the solutions for business processes optimization taking into account specifics of the company’s activities and needs.
  • Planning and launching of the project, attracting resources necessary for its implementation.
  • Detailed diagnostics of the client’s activities in order to find distinct features and narrow points in the processes.
  • Preparation for the business processes modeling (identification of the company’s business processes taking into account specifics and purposes of the activities, training of top managers and employees of the company).
  • Modeling of the existing business-processes (business process model “As is”)
  • Development of improvements in the company’s business processes
  • Optimization of interaction between the organizational elements and usage of common resources
  • Optimization of works and transactions in the framework of the processes (increase in quality and efficiency, reduction of expenditures, time and resources)
  • Setting of the activity control points
  • Organizational changes in the company (change of organizational structure, information flows, introduction of new management methods and instruments, etc).
  • Technical and technological changes (development of the concepts for introductions of new systems and technologies)
  • Modeling of the future company’s business processes (business process model “To be”)
  • Formalization and regulation of the company’s activities (development of a system of documents, regulating the company’s activities and business processes).
  • Introduction of changes in the company’s activities (development of a plan for transfer to the new processes, personnel training, management of organizational and technological changes, risk management)
  • Creation, introduction and support of the company’s business processes management system (creation of a mechanism for management and control of business processes implementation, development and introduction of corresponding organizational changes, documents, technologies and management instruments)
  • Audit of the business process management system (assessment of the result of improvements implementation and efficiency of the new management system)

Note: Above there is a list of all possible work stages, they are used depending on the purposes and specifics of the project



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    Business optimization: advantages and results

    Optimization of business processes is important for big companies, which have several branches, a lot of employees and clients. Not everyone manages to promote business retaining the quality. It is necessary to constantly optimize business processes, in order not to allow general decline of the enterprise. Business optimization results in following:

    1. Clear direction of the company’s activities aimed at the set purposes and tasks
    2. Increase in activities efficiency due to reduction of time and resources and improvement of the works quality.
    3. Establishment of the efficient cooperation between the company’s organizational elements when achieving common purposes and using common resources
    4. Great transparency, clarity and manageability of the activities and company as a whole
    5. Clear regulation of the company’s activities and obligations relating to their performance
    6. Simplification of work and improvement of quality when introducing new methods and instruments for the company’s management
    7. Improved general activities of the company. The company’s owner gets an opportunity to improve general work of the company, and introduce standards relating to work schedule and remuneration.
    8. Processes automation. In the modern world most of the important processes are automated – it allows to improve service quality, avoid queues and save money needed to hire new employees.
    9. Increase in company’s manageability. The employees of the companies, which regularly perform business optimization, better understand purposes of the company and their own tasks, as well as their importance and necessity. This results in general improvement of the business, increase in profit and clients.
    10. The quality of products and services improves. It is necessary to constantly monitor the processes, which can improve or reduce quality of the products or services. Such thoroughness will allow to significantly improve products quality and attract new clients.

    Our professionals will help the owner of the organization to find correct approach to the colleagues, establish the work of each system inside the enterprise, standardize all documents, improve quality of the finished product and earn client’s confidence. As a result the client will get renewed and worthy business, which can continue developing in chosen direction.