Business process optimization

Effectiveness of each business depends on how efficiently all its elements – team, technical and information systems.

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Determination of project specifics

Determination of project specifics

Preparing for business process modeling

For a business to function, especially in conditions of rapid development, it is very important that all employees follow clearly regulated rules and procedures. Therefore, we offer a service for the development of operational policies and procedures. This service is useful because before the direct creation of policies, diagnostics of existing business processes is performed, information systems used by the Company are studied. The next step is to develop recommendations and an action plan for improving existing processes, as well as building an organizational structure, a system of motivation, adaptation and evaluation of personnel, depending on the client’s needs. After all the actions, a report is provided and the policies and procedures that need to be created are agreed upon.

Stages of business process optimization:

  • Preparation of a set of optimization solutions tailored to the specifics and needs.
  • Planning and launching, resource mobilization for implementation.
  • Detailed diagnostics of the activity to identify specifics and vulnerabilities.
  • Preparation and subsequent modelling of business processes (their identification in view of industry specifics, training of management and employees).
  • Development of improvements to business processes. Optimization of activities and operations of processes (quality and efficiency improvement, time and resource reduction).
  • Establishment of control points of activities. Organizational changes (changes in the organizational structure, information flows, introduction of new techniques and tools, etc.).
  • Technical and technological changes (development of concepts for the implementation of new systems and technologies).
  • Modelling of future business processes, development and drafting of new business processes.
  • Implementation of changes (creation of transition plan for new processes, staff training, risk management as well as organizational and technological changes).
  • Creation, implementation and support of the management system (business process management and control mechanism, development and implementation of relevant organizational changes, documentation, technologies and tools).
  • Audit of the implementation of improvements and performance of the new system.

Note: all possible stages are listed above. The list of stages is defined depending on goals and specifics of the project

Optimization of large companies: benefits and results

EBS advisors create not only procedures, but also evaluation forms, testing forms and other tools that the Company will need to successfully implement new or improve existing processes, evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s financial management.

All policies and procedures are developed by EBS Advisors together with the Company’s employees, from whom information about the company’s needs is required.

EBS provides training to key employees of the Company who will be involved in new processes.

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Business process optimization is especially important for large players with several branches

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to promote the company and, at the same time, maintain the quality of service. Business process optimization needs to be continuous to prevent the overall decline of a company. It provides the following benefits:

  • A clear focus on the goals and objectives set.
  • Improved efficiency through reduced time and resources.
  • Effective collaboration between organizational elements and the use of shared resources.
  • Greater clarity, transparency and manageability.
  • Ease of operation and smoothing of sharp edges while integrating new methods and tools.
  • Greater manageability. In organizations where regular streamlining takes place, employees better understand the mission and tasks that are specific to them and their importance, improving operations.
  • The quality of products or services improves, allowing them to attract customers and retain old ones.

EBS experts will help the owner of an organization to find an approach to the team and to normalize and streamline all documentation.

Business process optimization as an investment in company development


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