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Corporate Diagnostics

Corporate diagnostics, performed by EBS advisors, is based on the independent assessment and comprehensive approach. EBS professionals have solid experience in the sphere of financial analysis, production consulting, strategic management of the company, marketing, etc. This expertise is necessary for assessment of the company’s well-being. Besides it is important that out company uses experience of the leading Western companies, which was repeatedly tested by us in Ukraine.

After the end of corporate diagnostics project we provide the report to the top managers, mentioning:

  • analysis of the current situation;
  • compliance with the standards;
  • main strong points;
  • main weak points;
  • main narrow points;
  • recommendations on improvement.

New and careful revision of the company’s activities will allow its top managers to solve the existing problems and avoid the problems which can influence the company’s capacity to successfully implement its tasks and introduce a selected strategy.

In order to perform the work we use methods which include determination together with the client of “ill” spheres, application of the existing diagnostics standards, determination and performance of the necessary tests and analyses, achievement of the results and provision of recommendations.

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  • Significant improvement of the business management and reduction of nonproductive expenditures of the company’s resources and time of the top management.
  • Additional competitive advantages due to determination of all strong and weak points of your company.
  • Increase in profitability due to detection of hidden reserves and elimination of the factors, which slow down the company’s development.
  • You can faster achieve your business purposes and efficiently introduce your company’s development strategy.
  • Increase in efficiency of usage and distribution of the resources (time, money and people)
  • Additional guarantee of successful introduction of any changes and innovations.

EBS also offers the services related to pre-investment inspection and feasibility study, which are developed for the companies wishing to expand their business, planning to launch a new initiative and invest in other companies, attract new investments and receive additional finances.



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    EBS services relating to pre-investment inspection include:

    • Investment climate
    • Company’s transactions (history of the company, its legal and actual status, financial position, management structure, etc.)
    • Marketing
    • Capital investment and current expenditures
    • Capital flow forecast
    • Comparative analysis of different business projects

    Following the results of the last stage of inspection, we choose the most efficient option, which has economic rationale and minimizes market risks. Pre-investment inspection focuses on determination of the company’s financial well-being with a view to its feasibility in future. It is achieved by means of analysis of the company’s financial statements. The financial statements can be presented in accordance with the national and international accounting standards, depending on the usage of this information. In such a way the works are performed for the foreign investors, and often include revision of the financial indexes in accordance with IAS.


    • The client can receive unbiased assessment of investment opportunities.
    • Transparent financial statements
    • The client can receive independent assessment of investment opportunities, which can be used as a basis for a correct business decision.
    • Opportunity to compare several options
    • Opportunity to predict future development and forecast future situations