Business Planning and Assessment

EBS will prepare a business plan, which can maximize profit and minimize expenditures. We will persuade the investors that our business model is viable and will provide them with a comprehensive unbiased assessment, in order to help them to spend their financial resources correctly.

In order to increase efficiency of cooperation between the EBS advisor and the client in the framework of implementation of this project and ensuring conditions for achievement of the best results, EBS approach stipulates several stages of the project – milestones for control and assessment of the interim results.

The main stages for business plan development are:

-Launching of the project

-Collection, processing and analysis of information

– Development of key chapters of business plan and creation of a financial model

– Finalization of the business plan

After discussion of cooperation options we will choose the plan, in the framework of which the company prepares necessary analytical information for the financial model – market analysis, technological aspects of work, and necessary operational information for calculations – launching stages, necessary number of employees, data on sales forecast for different markets etc. EBS in its turn ensures creation of a financial model, analysis of project risks and scenarios, and makes descriptive part of the model.


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