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The analysis and development of the company’s business plans is a key stage before launching a business

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Business Plan Development

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The analysis and development of the company’s business plans is a key stage before launching a business, on which the further success of all work depends. Planning a business for a year, two, 5 years is very important because it makes it clear the opportunities and prospects for development. EBS will create a business plan that will help maximize profits and minimize costs. We will convince investors of the viability of your business model and provide them with an objective, multi-sided assessment. Our specialists will show all advantages of investors’ investments, their payback and potential financial results in figures.

The main stages in the development of a business plan are:

  • Project launch
  • Collection, processing and analysis of information
  • Development of key sections of the business plan and construction of a financial model
  • Preparation of the final business plan

To increase the efficiency of EBS advisors’ interaction with the customer within the framework of this project and to ensure the conditions for achieving its maximum effectiveness, the EBS approach provides for the division of the project into stages – points of control and evaluation of interim results of work.

After discussing the options for cooperation, a scenario will be chosen in which the Client prepares the necessary analytical information for the financial model – market analysis, technological aspects of work, as well as the necessary operational information for calculations – launch stages, the required number of personnel, data on sales forecasts for different markets, etc. EBS, for its part, provides the construction of a financial model, analysis of project risks and scenarios, and also forms the descriptive part of the model.

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Why do I need to prepare a business plan and company valuation?

  • Business planning and valuation shows investors how the company is going to use the invested funds and receive income from them;
  • It helps to assess the prospects of the project and, already at the initial stage, to detect the pitfalls to be encountered and which may interfere with the implementation of the plan;
  • To find and substantiate arguments in favour of the expediency of reorganizing an existing enterprise or creating a new one.
  • Identify promising product sales markets and assess what place your company occupies in them.
  • Estimate the company’s costs for the production and marketing of products. Compare costs with the prices at which goods or services will be sold and determine the potential profitability of goods and services.
  • To analyze in detail and evaluate the financial and material situation of the enterprise.
  • An operating business uses a plan to determine how realistic it is to achieve the strategic and tactical goals set for the company, since planning is often a key factor affecting the growth and success of the enterprise.

Development of a business plan and company valuation as an investment in company development


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