IT Services Relating to Automation of Financial and Operational Processes

Financial activities automation is an integral element of each modern company. Harmonious automatic work results in improved reporting indicators, clear separation of income and expenditures, and increased workability. Our specialists can help to setup the whole structure of the client’s financial system, deal with reports and understand financial resources control functions. If the company has debts or credits, automation of the financial processes can help to plan the budget in such a way, which will ensure timely repayment of debts.

Financial automation. Key work stages.

Our specialists perform deep analysis of the client’s entire financial structure. Full automation of the financial statements can require 2-3 months of the constant work. The purpose is achieved step by step:

  1. Statement of work development. The final purpose of any technical program is introduction of modern information systems, which can help to setup financial activities of the company.
  2. Formation of key client’s requirements. As a rule such requirements include: Registration and accounting of all data in the system, where automation is performed, and requirements relating to compliance with reports quality standards.
  3. Control over the projects. It stipulates performance of project manager’s functions when introducing automatic system in order to keep to deadlines and control the budget. Acting manager must protect the client’s interests during introduction of different systems in internal activities of the company.
  4. Work with BAS data basis. Implementation of the statement of work in compliance with the company’s needs. Maintenance of the accounting and tax records in different spheres of the company’s activities. Control over incoming/outgoing financial resources.
  5. Introduction of popular automatic systems. Such systems include CRM system, which is the most comfortable and popular today. At this stage we set project tasks and IT system parameters.

Advantages of cooperation: mutually beneficial conditions

The client, who has entrusted us with automation of the financial system, will get good results in 1-1,5 months:

  1. Well-ordered reports.
  2. Full control over all financial transactions.
  3. Availability of modern information systems.

Fast and qualitative work of the modern office is based on uninterrupted operation of the IT systems, ensuring exchange and preservation of the corporate and client’s information. Selection, installation and management of information system, software error recovery, connection and synchronization of the additional systems and technical support, require special skills and expertise. But there is no need for the companies to hire additional IT specialists.

IT outsourcing means technical and administrative support of our IT specialist in your office.


  • Reduction of expenditures for IT-administration;
  • Reduction of and control over expenditures for the resources in the IT sphere;
  • IT products and services with better quality;
  • Modern and timely support of the IT-specialist;
  • Usage of the necessary specialized equipment and technologies;
  • Risks reduction in  the IT sphere;
  • Separation and partial transfer of risks in the IT sphere to the other company;


  • Creation of an internal network of the enterprise:
  • Development of the company’s information security policy;
  • Installation and setup of the servers, work stations and periphery equipment;
  • Organization of the centralized storage and company’s data backup;
  • Safe access to the Internet:
  • Organization of centralized anti-virus protection of the company’s internal network;
  • Organization of safe connection of the company’s employees to the internal network from any part of the world;
  • Introduction of electronic document flow;
  • Introduction of the corporate systems for support of the group work;
  • Complete or partial support of the existing company’s IT-infrastructure.

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