Management consulting is aimed at improving business processes, searching for new opportunities for development, helping in strategic planning, automating business processes in order to optimize time and labor costs. With EBS experts, you can manage your company in the most efficient way, which contributes to profit growth, a stronger market position and an increase in the number of loyal customers.

Why do you need management consulting and IT?

In today’s dynamic world, it has become more difficult to manage a company due to the rapid growth of competition. Therefore, the need for management consulting, organizing activities to improve management and strategic planning, is proportionally increasing.
Good management and consulting enhances your benefits and takes you to the next level. The priority task for consultants is to thoroughly analyze your organization to help make the right decisions, develop and adjust strategic plans, and then check them through financial modeling.

What is the advantage of external specialists over in-house managers?

The look of an experienced consultant in this area always wins inhouse managers, because the dynamism of the external environment, the closure of internal current problems, the changing needs of the team – all this requires constant concentration and prompt response to current challenges and opportunities. In such an ongoing rush, management often lacks the resources for a more detailed study of problems, development of goals and, most importantly, outside inspection. In addition, their judgment is blurred by the usual way of action, by the prevailing stereotypes, which causes the need for the services of outside specialists who have an independent view and who have devoted themselves to a deep study of this area.

The decision to order management consulting services sooner or later comes to any business owner, but by adopting it earlier, you will be able to increase profits by reducing the amount of unnecessary labor and adjusting processes within the company. In addition, if several businesses are concentrated in the same hands at once, there is a need to establish a management system for them as a single object.

This approach allows you to use synergy of interaction, reduce management costs, increase return on equity, increase management transparency and speed of decision-making.

The EBS team can help you improve the performance of your organization by streamlining operational processes and establishing effective cost control and budgeting mechanisms.

The twenty-first edition of the semi-annual EBS Digest has been published

We are pleased to present to you the twenty-first edition of EBS Digest. The publication includes a selection of articles and practical cases in management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, personnel management and legal practice.

Remote project management

The coronavirus epidemic has caused enormous losses for the global economy as a whole and virtually in all areas, namely health, economy, production. It affected both, the small business owners and the global giants.

Survivor’s implression of IFRS 16

A switch to International Financial Reporting Standards (hereinafter IFRS), accounting and financial reporting in

The nineteenth edition of the EBS Digest was published

June 2020 We are pleased to introduce the eighteenth version of EBS Digest. The publication, which includes a collection of articles and practical cases within the framework of management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, personnel management and legal practice.