The needs of your business are constantly evolving, the changes are often subtle, but tend to accrue and impede your growth. Our management consultants will help take the right actions, develop and fine-tune strategic plans and test them through financial modeling. EBS can enhance your organizational efficiency through the optimization of operational processes and establishing effective cost control mechanisms. The complex measures we propose will enable correct and timely managerial decisions to effectively grow your business.

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Survivor’s implression of IFRS 16

A switch to International Financial Reporting Standards (hereinafter IFRS), accounting and financial reporting in

The nineteenth edition of the EBS Digest was published

June 2020 We are pleased to introduce the eighteenth version of EBS Digest. The publication, which includes a collection of articles and practical cases within the framework of management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, personnel management and legal practice.

EBS announcement on Business continuity planning due to COVID-19

In connection with the introduction of intensified quarantine restrictions in Ukraine due to

Ukraine House Davos 2020

Going back to the Ukraine House Davos where EBS was a panel sponsor we are glad to be an integral part of Ukraine