Development and implementation of motivational systems for staff

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Development of motivational systems

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Development of personnel performance assessment systems

It is impossible to build a successful business if you do not have a strong team behind you. That is why issues such as well-being, corporate standards, and employee motivation are gaining more and more relevance. After all, according to a study by the Harvard Business School, only 10% of employees can show a stable result in their work without clearly formulated tasks, KPIs, and a transparent motivation system.

Why is the development of HR systems so important?

Foremost, we should start with what is staff motivation. This is the creation of ideal conditions for employees to be more involved in all processes, to be focused on their best result, and strive to do quality work.

As a result of the development of a system for assessing the performance of personnel in Kyiv, you will receive the following benefits:

  • reduction in the rate of staff turnover;
  • significant improvement in the quality of work;
  • healthy atmosphere in the team;
  • a key component of a holistic corporate culture;
  • improving the HR brand.

Unfortunately, there is still an opinion that only a system of fines and bonuses is needed to motivate employees, but in fact, everything is much deeper. The importance of developing and implementing motivational systems for personnel in Ukraine is difficult to overestimate.

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What are the key stages in the development and implementation of motivational systems for staff?

When developing incentive systems and other internal policies in the field of HR management, EBS experts identify the following stages:

  • Determining the company’s growth areas and drawing up expected KPIs based on them;
  • Conducting social research in the company (for example, a survey or questionnaire);
  • The choice of specific methods of motivation and the formation of a motivational system, as well as the expected KPIs from employees;
  • Calculation of financial costs for the implementation of the system;
  • Communication with staff with full information about all the details;
  • Implementation of the system and evaluation of the results of its work.

At the same time, it is important to understand that motivation can be not only material (bonus system, gifts and financial bonuses), but also intangible (extra days off, awards, improved working conditions, etc.).

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    What are the benefits of EBS?

    We understand that choosing a contractor for such a complex and important task is not an easy task, so it is important to have as much information as possible. By cooperating with the EBS team, you get such advantages:

    • A strong HR team, all of whose experts closely cooperate and exchange experience, including in the development of systems for assessing the performance of personnel in Ukraine;
    • Our experts have many years of experience in the market, which is regularly updated with new cases, which allows us to combine in-depth knowledge with awareness of all trends;
    • Our experts have helped to develop pay systems in Ukraine for many successful companies, helping them achieve the best possible results.