Search and selection of personnel by the experienced EBS professionals allows to choose the personnel in accordance with your tasks. Search of personnel stipulates creation of the necessary staff reserve for certain position, which will be further used for selection of the most appropriate employees.

Search and selection of the personnel is a very important business process, since the company can have the best results and solve all the tasks only if it has professional personnel. Search and selection of the personnel require a lot of time, that is why it is more expedient to address the professionals. Besides the price of this service is affordable.

Selecting the personnel for implementation of your projects, the EBS professionals accumulated solid expertise in this area and in narrow spheres and industries relating to it. In the framework of recruitment service, the EBS professionals will select personnel for the Ukrainian and foreign company in the following spheres: Accounting/finance; HR management.

Providing HR outsourcing services, the EBS professionals successfully combine speed and quality, and have expertise in the specific industries. We understand needs of our clients and accurately choose “ideal” candidates for your tasks.

You can be interested in recruitment service, if:

You plan to launch a new project and expend staff;

The company does not have a separate person, dealing with recruitment;

The company has high personnel turnover.

We provide recruitment services for the Ukrainian and foreign companies in the following spheres:

HR management;


Administrative personnel.

Our expertise

HR management

Providing HR outsourcing services and choosing personnel for implementation of our projects, we managed to accumulate solid experience and understanding of this sphere. Every day we find people for our clients and our own projects.

Daily our specialists work with the following positions: HR officers, head hunters, experts on remuneration and benefits, experts on training and development, HR generalists, HR business partners, HR managers and directors.


Being one of the leading companies in the sphere of financial and HR outsourcing, we know how to choose the “correct” applicant. Hundreds of companies entrust us with payroll calculation and accounting, we have accumulated solid experience and you can entrust us with recruitment in this sphere.

The EBS professionals will recruit personnel for any financial positions, including accountant for certain sectors, accountant for payroll calculations, budget accountant, financial analyst, business analyst, internal controller, financial controller, chief accountant and financial director.


Advantages of the EBS recruitment services:

Expertise in certain areas;

Specialization in specific areas;

Individual solutions relating to recruitment for each client;

One contact person;

Active work with passive candidates;

Fast response to client’s requests;

Continuous communication with the client;

Advisory services;

Advisors with experience of more than 5 years.


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