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The service of search and selection of personnel in Kyiv is a rather laborious and time-consuming process, so it is advisable to turn to the services of professionals. In addition, recruitment services allow you to save money due to the absence of the need to pay social guarantees for the recruiter, as well as the prompt and high-quality provision of services. It allows you to quickly close the position and start earning income thanks to the work of a new employee.

You will benefit from the services of a recruitment company if:

  • Are you planning to launch a new project and expand your staff;
  • The company does not have a dedicated employee who is engaged in the selection of personnel;
  • The company has a high staff turnover.

EBS experts have established themselves as leading recruiters in such areas:

  • Personnel Management;
  • accounting / finance;
  • search for administrative staff.

When recruiting, EBS specialists successfully combine speed and quality and have expertise in highly specialized areas and industries. We understand the needs of our clients, consider the individual characteristics of each project, and accurately select the ideal candidates for your tasks, which sets us apart from recruitment companies.

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Benefits of working with EBS as a recruitment company:

  • we have extensive experience in finding candidates with specialization in narrow professional areas;
  • with us, you will find individual solutions in the field of recruitment for each client;
  • you will communicate with a single contact person who will respond as quickly as possible to any of your requests 5 days a week. At the same time, in the case of sick leave or leave from a specialist, we have set up work mechanisms that ensure its continuity, but are subject to confidentiality conditions;
  • we actively work with passive candidates;
  • we quickly respond to any of your requests, and also guarantee the high quality of services, which are supported not only by our more than 24 years of experience in the Ukrainian market but also by regular customer satisfaction assessments;
  • maintaining constant communication with the client, as well as keeping you up to date with the achievements and insiders of working with the project;
  • you will receive not only recruiting, as in the case of choosing a recruitment agency, but also a reliable partner who can provide advice that will help bring the work of the personnel department to a new level;
  • EBS experts who conduct recruitment have more than 5 years of experience.

A unique integrated employee life cycle (ELC) model

Accompaniment through the full life-cycle of an employee at the company from the recruitment of candidates for a vacancy to the termination of employment contracts

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Qualified personnel

Improving knowledge in the field of HR Administration


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises with EBS

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    Recruitment is one of the most important business processes because it is qualified and involved personnel that is the key feature of a successful business. That is why the service for the search and selection of personnel is an aspect that should not be saved. So, in cases where you need to find an experienced specialist as quickly as possible, EBS experts will help you choose the perfect candidate for your tasks.

    EBS experts, selecting personnel for the implementation of our projects, were able to gain vast experience in the field of personnel search and selection, and have expertise in narrow professional areas and industries. As part of the recruiting service, EBS experts will be able to recruit personnel for a Ukrainian or international company in the following areas: accounting/finance, personnel management, as well as the search for administrative personnel.

    What is included in the search and selection of personnel?

    Personnel search is the creation of the necessary reserve of candidates for a certain position, from which the most suitable employees will subsequently be selected.

    Recruitment is a business process that is of the utmost importance, since only with qualified personnel will a company be able to achieve the best results and solve its tasks.

    We have exceptional expertise in these areas:

    Personnel Management

    By providing personnel outsourcing services and recruiting personnel for the implementation of our projects, we have been able to gain vast experience, a large candidate base, and an in-depth understanding of the industry. Every day, we close positions in HR for our clients and our projects.

    HR administration specialists, recruiters, compensation and benefits specialists, training and development specialists, HR generalist, HR business partner, managers, and directors of personnel – these are the positions that our specialists work with daily.

    Search for financial personnel

    Having established ourselves as one of the leading companies in the field of financial and personnel outsourcing, we know how to select the ideal candidate. Hundreds of companies trust us with payroll and accounting processes, which has allowed us to accumulate significant experience, trusting in which you can entrust us with the search for candidates in this field.

    EBS specialists will search and select personnel for any financial positions, from a site accountant, a payroll accountant, a controller accountant, a financial analyst, a business analyst, an internal controller, a financial controller, and a treasurer, to a chief accountant and financial director.