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Preparation and execution of HR documents

HR Administration in accordance with the requirements of the legislation

Full complex of HR management services for the client

HR management is the most important element of the company management. Irrespective of the type or size of the company, personnel services are strictly regulated by the Ukrainian legislation. Organizing HR management in your company, we will provide all necessary consultations relating to application of the labor legislation in the course of work. The EBS professionals will help the companies, which only start their work in Ukraine, providing them with the information about execution of labor relations with the employees and offering the services relating to the staff records management.

EBS HR Administration services include:

  • Signing labor agreements with the employees;
  • Orders preparation (HR-related): dismissals, admissions, displacements;
  • Orders preparation as to annual leave and extra leave;
  • Maintaining of the employees’ personal record cards under the Form No.P2;
  • Book of record of vacations;
  • Preparation and maintaining of vacation schedule and internal reports on vacations;
  • Issuance of various certificates (on salary, time of work etc.) as required by authorities, banks, embassies and etc.;
  • Development of Minutes of Social insurance committee (to approve sick lists);
  • Monthly preparation and presenting of the statistics as to the Customer’s personnel (if required);
  • Preparation of the staff table and orders for changes in the staff table;
  • Monthly preparation of time table;
  • Consultation of Head Quarter and Company’s management on labor legal issues and disputes (not more than 2 hours per month);
  • Preparation of a report to the State Employment Service (required);
  • Interaction with State authorities and inspections (not more than 1 hour per month).

Details of the HR Administration process

  • The responsible HR specialist are assigned to provide on-going services;
  • The manager is assigned to the responsible HR specialist for the quality control assurance;
  • Internal audit is provided in relation to the Company operations to assure the quality and to minimize the risks;
  • We expect that the Company’s representative will be appointed to arrange signing the HR documentation by employees at the Companies’ locations. The documents are to be prepared by EBS;
  • We expect that all primary documents will be collected initially by the Company representatives, scanned and uploaded to EBS Data Room (SkyRoom) on regular basis. The originals will be collected and transferred to our office (The regularity is to be agreed);

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What are our advantages?

  • Flexibility in processes of interaction with clients;
  • The possibility of providing a set of services (Multiservice partner);
  • Access to international practices and experience of experts working with different industries;
  • Guaranteed staff reserve;
  • Reduction of tax risks and probability of fines;
  • Competent support during inspections of state bodies;
  • A strict confidentiality agreement with each EBS employee;
  • Development of professional skills of employees;
  • 10,000 processed calculation sheets per month in Ukraine;
  • Own team for implementation and support of BAS products (1C);
  • Quick response to requests (communication in English).

A unique integrated employee life cycle (ELC) model

Accompaniment through the full life-cycle of an employee at the company from the recruitment of candidates for a vacancy to the termination of employment contracts

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HR administration

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Qualified personnel

Improving knowledge in the field of HR Administration


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



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    HR administration

    HR administration is a process that no business can do without. After all, this is not a competitive advantage, but a set of processes that provide personnel management in accordance with current legislation, documentation of management information and organization of work with official documents.

    The need for proper and thorough HR records management is primarily due to the risk of fines, because the processes of HR services for organizations are strictly regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. That is why, by choosing outsourcing personnel accounting, you can organize the company’s activities in the most efficient way. HR services in Ukraine include the preparation of necessary documents in accordance with current labor legislation, which takes time and qualified resources.

    All functions related to the organization of personnel records in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine will be taken over by EBS experts, ensuring complete management of personnel records management of the client company.

    Why you should choose outsourced HR?

    • Flexibility in customer interaction processes;

    EBS experts agree with you on all key aspects, helping you find the best option for cooperation. For us, the main criterion for the success of the project is customer satisfaction, which is why we always meet halfway, and also regularly evaluate satisfaction with services.

    • Ability to provide a range of services (Multiservice partner);

    Thanks to the exceptional experience of EBS experts in practices such as payroll, legal services, accounting outsourcing, etc., you will be able to find a reliable partner to support your business, focusing on strategic issues and the development of your company.

    • Access to international practices and experience of experts working with various industries;

    With more than 23 years of experience interacting with businesses in Ukraine, EBS experts have gained exceptional experience that allows them to optimize business and personnel administration and minimize the risk of errors and fines.

    • Professional liability insurance;

    You will not incur financial losses by choosing HR services, because you will not be held financially responsible for any shortcomings.

    • Reducing the likelihood of fines;

    A lot of clients and the reputation of the company are the best evidence of the competence of our experts, which we value very much. That is why you can be sure of the profitability and minimization of the number of fines if you choose EBS services when organizing personnel records management.

    • Reducing the risks of labor disputes.

    Labor disputes can turn into a headache for any entrepreneur, because in some cases we are talking about large sums or, in the case of publicity, to the detriment of the company’s reputation. A team of experienced HR specialists will help reduce the risk of such conflicts by providing quality HR administration services.

    What aspects of outsourced HR can we help you with?

    • HR Services

    EBS experts can take on all the functions related to the preparation and execution of personnel documents, personnel support in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, providing a full range of office work services in Ukraine.

    • Setting frames from scratch

    HR processes are an integral part of the activities of any company. EBS specialists will help in the proper organization of outsourcing personnel records if the company is just starting its work in Ukraine. Outsourced HR accounting in a short time will help solve the tasks of HR services, as well as help to establish HR processes in the company with the help of the expertise of our HR specialists.

    • Military accounting

    The EBS company offers services for the organization and provision of military registration processes in Ukraine. EBS services allow the company to comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation and ensure the correct maintenance of military records.

    • HR audit

    HR audit is one of the most effective ways to identify and eliminate labor law violations in a company. A timely personnel audit will help minimize labor disputes with employees and prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities in order to avoid negative financial consequences and other measures to influence the manager as a result of such inspections.