HR management is the most important element of the company management. Irrespective of the type or size of the company, personnel services are strictly regulated by the Ukrainian legislation. Organizing HR management in your company, we will provide all necessary consultations relating to application of the labor legislation in the course of work. The EBS professionals will help the companies, which only start their work in Ukraine, providing them with the information about execution of labor relations with the employees and offering the services relating to the staff records management.

Performance of HR management

The EBS professionals can undertake functions, connected with preparation and execution of the staff records and staff support in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation, ensuring complete staff records management of the client.

Personnel management from scratch

HR accounting processes are integral part of any company’s operations. EBS professionals will help to organize outsourced HR accounting, if the company is just starting its business in Ukraine. Outsourced HR Department can quickly solve tasks, relating to HR management.

Military registration

EBS offers the services meant to organize and ensure military registration processes. EBS services will help company to meet the requirements of the Ukrainian legislation and ensure correct performance of military registration.

HR audit

HR audit is one of the most efficient ways to find and eliminate violations of the labor legislation in the company. Timely HR audit will help to minimize labor disputes with the employees and get ready for the inspections of the regulatory authorities, in order to avoid negative financial consequences and other corrective actions as a result of such inspections.


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