HR Audit

HR audit is performed by the EBS professionals on the territory of the company’s office. EBS has solid experience in HR management, communication with state bodies, consultations relating to labor disputes, performance of HR audit and renewal of staff records, training of the top managers and employees of the client in the sphere of labor legislation.

Analysis of correctness and completeness of staff records is made using mixed principle, allowing to understand general situation, detect typical mistakes and violations and develop corresponding recommendations for their elimination. In such a way analysis of the personnel files and orders about employment, transfer or dismissal, as well as other staff records is performed by 100%.

Analysis of availability and correctness of the local regulations and social insurance documents is made to the full extent.

EBS prepares report on HR audit. If necessary, the EBS advisors will hold a meeting with top managers of the Company in order to defend this report and answer all questions of the top managers.


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