HR Audit

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HR Audit is conducted by EBS staff

Analysis of documents correctness and completeness

Analysis of availability and literacy of local documentation

HR Audit

The main goal of personnel records management in any company is to avoid labor disputes and fines from regulatory authorities. That is why, in order to prepare reports in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and identify problem areas, HR audit in Ukraine is indispensable.

HR audit in the company is carried out by EBS experts on the territory of your office. Our team has significant experience in HR administration, communication with government agencies, advising on labor disputes, conducting a HR audit at the enterprise and restoring HR documentation, as well as HR consulting for management and employees of client companies on labor law issues in Ukraine and Kyiv.

The audit will be carried out including the following works:

  • Analysis of the availability and correctness of approvals on the following regulatory documents:

Collective agreement; Internal labour rules and regulations; Regulations on personal data protection; Remuneration Policy; Regulations on liability for damage.

  • Analysis of the correctness and completeness of the following HR documents:

Orders (HR-related): vacation, hiring, dismissal, movements, bonuses and other types of personnel orders; Time sheets; Sick-leave certificates; Staff tables; Vacation schedule, procedure and correctness for provision of different kinds of vacations; Personal records; Labour books; Labour books register; Personal cards under the Form No.P2; Labour agreements; Employment contracts terminated by agreement between the parties; Documents related to the personal data protection (consents on processing, order etc.).

  • Verification of presence, correctness and timeliness of the following documents preparation (submission):

Reports for the Employment Centre; Minutes of Social insurance committee in case of temporary disability; Compliance with the disabled employee quota.

When deciding on a personnel audit, you get the opportunity to identify not only many areas of growth, but also problem areas with recommendations for their elimination. This means that in order for the HR audit not to go in vain, you should actively implement its results into your work or order HR consulting so that experts can help you develop a plan for implementing changes in your work.

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What will be included in the report that you will receive after conducting an HR audit in the company?

  • Detailed description of the work performed for each stage;
  • Assessment of compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the current state of the company’s personnel records;
  • Identified violations of the requirements of the current labor legislation (if any) in the preparation, maintenance and storage of personnel documentation;
  • Description of possible risk areas in the field of personnel records;
  • Recommendations for the elimination and correction of identified violations.

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    What are the benefits of HR audit?

    HR audit – services that with maximum efficiency allow you to identify and eliminate violations of labor laws in the company. HR audit in Ukraine will help minimize labor disputes with employees and prepare for inspections by regulatory authorities in order to avoid negative financial consequences and other measures to influence the manager as a result of such inspections.

    The analysis of the correctness and completeness of personnel documentation is carried out on a mixed basis, which will allow you to get an idea of ​​the general state of affairs, identify typical errors and violations, after which appropriate recommendations will be developed to eliminate them. Thus, the analysis of the personal files of current employees and orders for admission, transfer and dismissal, and other personnel documentation is carried out to the extent necessary.