Occupational and Fire Safety

The EBS professionals are ready to provide consultations on creation of safe conditions for the employees and reduction of risks of occupational injuries.

Launching of the occupational and fire safety project stipulates development of minimum obligatory package of documents on occupational and fire safety, which must be available in all organizations.

Development of local occupational and fire safety documents in the company in compliance with the current legislation includes development of:

  • The regulations;
  • Instructions;
  • Logs;
  • Orders;

Support and performance of occupational and fire safety functions are ensured if necessary (e.g. during planned training) or at the Company’s request.

Occupational and fire safety functions include:

– Organization of a necessary planned or unplanned training on occupational safety for the personnel in accordance with the set period (excluding people, who must undergo training in the specialized educational institutions).

– Organization of the Company’s personnel training in the specialized educational institutions.

– Performance together with the Company of the research, analysis and preparation of necessary documents on accidents and injuries, if they take place in the company.

– Support of occupational and fire safety inspections.

– Renewal and development of occupational and fire safety documents if necessary (e.g. Orders and instructions).

The works in the framework of the project (occupational and fire safety) are performed by the EBS professionals who have corresponding certificates, necessary for the trainings and preparation of the documents.

The works relating to occupational and fire safety will be performed by the advisors both in the EBS office and in the company’s office.


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