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Registration of the necessary personnel for your company in the staff of EBS

Full HR administration and payroll and taxes

Daily maintenance by a personal manager


Finding qualified and enthusiastic staff is a task that requires a lot of resources, as well as experienced recruiters. In addition, there is a situation when the cost of attracting personnel is too high, because you pay both the full salary of employees and the recruiter, in addition, additional staff in the company’s staff is a lot of additional work for an HR specialist. That is why in many cases it is advisable to resort to outstaffing services in Ukraine.

How does cooperation work?

  • You enter into an Agreement for personnel outstaffing services for a limited period with EBS;
  • After the conclusion of the Agreement, our experts with exceptional experience in recruiting hire personnel who will meet all your expectations from their experience and involvement;
  • All responsibility for paying taxes, maintaining personnel records and complying with the employment contract lies with us;
  • You are served daily by a personal manager.

In fact, outstaffing of employees can be called the rental of experts who are employed in a contractor company.

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What are the advantages you get when outstaffing personnel in Ukraine?

  • Legal responsibility in case of labor disputes lies not with your company, but with EBS;
  • You pay only for services for the project, that is, you do not need to employ an employee, pay for sick leave and the work of an HR manager;
  • Experienced recruiters will find responsible and experienced employees, while you will not need to look for an inhouse recruiter and pay for his work and taxes;
  • You can place employees on the EBS staff while they are on probation;
  • For short-term or simply time-limited projects, it is no longer necessary to hire an employee and increase its number, as well as create a lot of additional burden on the accounting department and personnel specialist;
  • You will be able to receive advice from leading experts in the legal, accounting and personnel fields.

A unique integrated employee life cycle (ELC) model

Accompaniment through the full life-cycle of an employee at the company from the recruitment of candidates for a vacancy to the termination of employment contracts

Recruitment and personnel placement



HR administration

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Compensations & Benefits

Termination of employment contract

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Benefits of Staff outstaffing services



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Reduction of financial expenses for the HR Administration



Prompt response to client requests


A reliable partner

We value every client and are happy to see them grow


Qualified personnel

Improving knowledge in the field of HR Administration


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises with EBS

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    years on the market




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    more successful projects

    What is the difference between outstaffing services and outsourcing?

    The fundamental difference between outstaffing services and outsourcing is where the employee is employed. In the case of outsourcing, you transfer a specific function to the contractor, when ordering outstaffing services in Ukraine, the hired employee on the terms of outstaffing is subject to the policies and rules of your company and we are not responsible for the quality of his work, since you directly coordinate the project and set tasks.