Outstaffing stipulates employment of the personnel, which is necessary for your company, by EBS, and transfer of these employees to the client for performance of works in the framework of the agreement. Meanwhile EBS, providing the outstaffing services, is an actual employer for the personnel of your Company; it pays salary, performs HR management and pays all the taxes relating to the outstaffed personnel.

Cooperation stages

Your company concludes Paid Services Agreement for provision of the personnel for certain period of time.

According to the concluded agreement, EBS employs personnel in accordance with your requirements for agreed period of time.

All relations with the employees comply with the current Ukrainian legislation and labor conditions preliminary approved by the client.

Everyday you work with a personal manager.

Personnel outstaffing advantages

Usage of EBS services enables you:

To control number of personnel, ensuring more efficient personnel management;

To reduce expenditures connected with the personnel management;

To execute labor relations with the employees who work at the company, which is entering the Ukrainian market and is registering its business on the territory of Ukraine;

To let EBS hire your employees for the probation period;

To attract additional personnel for seasonal projects, without increasing number of personnel;

To receive professional consultations relating to HR, in particular on legal issues, accounting and HR management

To assess advantages of an external provider when working with the personnel.


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