The State Statistics Service has updated 27 forms of state statistical observations, including, in particular:

  • Labour report under form No. 1-PV (monthly) “Labour Report” (first submitted for January 2022) and

No. 1-PV (quarterly) “Labour Report” (first submitted for Q1 of 2022) (Order of the State Statistics Service No. 135 dated June 25, 2021);

The following report forms have also been updated:

Effective from January 1, 2022:


Please note that on June 22, the State Statistics Service Updated ten more forms of statistical reporting: No. 9-ZEZ (quarterly), No. 14-ZEZ (quarterly), No. 11-MTP (annual), No. 10-ZEZ (quarterly), No. 1-tourism (annual), No. 1-debt (housing and communal services) (quarterly), No. 1-housing stock (annual), No. 1-prices (housing) and No. 1-prices (prom) (monthly).