Support of the pricing preliminary approval procedure

In accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine, big tax payers can themselves initiate a price approval procedure. This procedure is necessary to avoid unwanted inspections and problems with the tax authorities in future. Pricing preliminary approval procedure requires a lot of time and stipulates preparation of a huge number of documents. Correspondingly it is very difficult to understand all the details, if the employee does not have all the information.

That is why we are ready to help and provide support of the pricing preliminary approval procedure.

EBS will help to prepare a complete set of documents for preliminary approval of pricing and will participate in negotiations relating to the previous approval of pricing with the regulatory authorities.

As of today this procedure is not obligatory and is performed at the discretion of the company.

Assistance of the EBS professionals will significantly accelerate the process, if you need this procedure. We are ready to support the client at all stages, provide clear recommendations and participate in the meetings with the regulatory authorities.

EBS is a reliable business partner.


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