Development of intra-group policies on transfer pricing

Very often the transnational companies face the problem of bad communication and achievement of common purposes because of an unbalanced system between the companies of the group.

EBS offers the service relating to development and implementation of intra-group policy on transfer pricing for the transnational companies, which need intra-group standards for pricing in order to ensure compliance of the prices in the transactions between the companies with the arm’s length principle.

These policies include entire information, required by the management to understand pricing mechanism during intra-group transactions, and further qualitative preparation of the documents on transfer pricing and report on controlled transactions.

Advantages of the project for the company

  • Single team and coherence of actions;
  • Confidence in chosen approach;
  • Opportunity to get maximum amount of the most useful information during short period of time;
  • Reliable partner from the beginning of the project till its termination;
  • Unique character, creativeness, energy and confidence in positive result of the EBS team;

Global experience of internal and external EBS resources.


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