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The pandemic year has underscored the importance of flexibility and proved it exceedingly difficult to plan anything ahead. However, should we hope the turbulence will end, and we go back to our old routines?

In my judgment, the answer is a resounding “no.” The pandemic only triggered the acceleration of all the novelties the metamodern era brought upon us. The new time shows us how vital it is to change plans quickly and not cling to outdated habits and beliefs. So go ahead and change and experiment. There is just no time to spare.

Never hesitate to launch new initiatives and take your business to the next level. Sometimes it’s more important to implement a new idea at once rather than think it over and over again. Researchers at the London School of Economics and Political Science concluded that the more the innovation DNA differs from the current business model DNA, the faster it kills the industry in its usual form.

Moving away from cold-blooded conclusions, I’d like to give my personal advice: use this year for investment and transformation, and I am not talking about money alone. Invest in people’s growth, development and build strong relationships with them — this is what will help you and your business be a winner despite any crisis.

Our time rewards those who act, not react. Who takes a bold step into the future and does not dwell on their fears. Who moves forward, not drown in reflection.