June 2017

We present you the  EBS Digest. The publication includes a selection of articles and practical cases in management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, management, and legal practice.

The current situation requires that Ukraine undergoes activation, not only in terms of domestic sources of financing for economic development, which ensure a slow economic recovery, but also external sources. Attracting foreign investment is the main component for quickly exiting the economic crisis currently taking place in Ukraine. The basis for the economic recovery of any country is the ability to attract significant amounts of capital investment in the main sectors of the national economy. But many forget that if we do not invest in ourselves, in our development, in technology, in the health of the nation and in education, we will ultimately face all the same problems, because first of all, all these changes need to begin with ourselves. Any project requires full dedication, the need to go beyond one’s limits and try to think a little differently than usual, to offer the market something that is new and unique. Only in this case can one become noticeable for investors. Foreign and national investors will pay attention to the Ukrainian economy’s prospects only under in the event that systemic changes are being made in a particular direction. In addition, both state and public regulation remain important, and this should not impede, but instead completely contribute to, the development and implementation of new ideas. We, as consultants, see our immediate role in this complex process, and we want to take part in developing the Ukrainian economy.

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