December, 2018

We present you the  EBS Digest. The publication includes a selection of articles and practical cases in management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, management, and legal practice.

The theory exists that it takes 10,000 hours to become a professional in a certain field. So Ester Ledecka, despite all the beliefs and stereotypes she faced and receiving the title of two-time world champion in snowboarding, became a skiing champion, obviously also having overcome difficult training.

This year, we turn the page to celebrate the rich 20-year history of EBS, marking well over the required number of hours it takes to become a professional. During this time, we have gained plenty of experience, put together the best team possible, expanded our expertise, experienced some set-backs but did not give up, and once again succeeded in resolving complex cases and ultimately won, because we are sure, that for the sake of creating value, we need to remain focused on growth.

We are not stopping there and, in our next issue of the EBS Digest, we offer expert articles on business, authored by top professionals, who may not be snowboarding or triathlon champions, but have decided on and excel at their chosen field in consulting.

EBS Digest is available by the link EBS Digest.