July 2019

We present you the  EBS Digest. The publication includes a selection of articles and practical cases in management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, management, and legal practice.

Due to fast development of the modern world of technologies, borders between the countries, cultures, local and global trends become blurred. The business, which intends to develop, has no borders and can easily move forward.
Of course our historical luggage will follow us in every evolution process, it does not always help us, and we must be ready to overcome all imperfections and archaisms of the legislation, some obsolete procedures, inefficient processes, treating them as an opportunity to improve our future rather than a stumbling rock on our way to success. In the 17th issue of our Digest we have gathered the most relevant topics, which can help you to get ready for possible difficulties, which can be faced by the modern business.

EBS Digest is available here EBS Digest.