June 2020

We present you the  EBS Digest. The publication includes a selection of articles and practical cases in management consulting, finance and accounting outsourcing, management, and legal practice.

Can we always be ready for any situation? Do we have a certain plan of actions for all life situations? It can concern our everyday life or our business. We are used to think that we have a Plan B, which can solve all the issues. But what if the Plan B is as standard, as a situation, for which it was prepared.

We want to cover the issues, for which we cannot be ready a priory. Earth quake, global fires, terrorist attacks, and epidemics. What are your plans for this period? Maybe the problem is not in the plan itself, but in the readiness of a specific person to quickly change the direction.

If we believe in the Taleb’s critical theory about the black swans, which says that unexpected and unpredicted events influence us most of all, we come to a conclusion, that we cannot be ready.

The further actions depend on the level of determinativeness, competence and our range of interests.

Our 19th issue will focus on these black swans; we will give you instructions as to how to change their color, and how to act if such a swan comes to your lake.

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