The Ministry of Finance approved changes to the VAT declaration form, corrective calculation and procedure of filing and submission of the VAT reports, approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance No 21 (further Procedure No 21) of 28 January 2016.

Introduction of such changes is connected primarily with cancellation of the Report on the Amount of Additional Tax Concessions after 1 January 2020. Instead of this, the controllers will maintain accounting of the VAT concessions on the basis of the financial statements.

Due to this, the following changes are introduced:

  • VAT Declaration form;
  • Corrective calculation of the VAT liabilities in order to correct errors discovered yourself;
  • Calculation of tax liabilities, assessed by the receiver of services, who is not registered as an VAT payer, supplied by the nonresidents, including their permanent representative offices, which are not registered as tax payers on the customs territory of Ukraine;
  • Procedure No 21.

In particular, VAT declaration was supplemented with a new D6 Annex “Calculation of VAT amounts, which were not paid by the economic entity due to receipt of tax concessions, and/or indexes according to which the enterprises (organizations) fall into category of enterprises (organizations) of people with disabilities” (further D6 Annex).

Besides, the VAT declaration form was supplemented with new sub-lines:

  • 1 “transactions with zero tax rate”,
  • 2 “transactions exempt from tax”;
  • 1 “including transactions, exempt from tax (Article 197 Chapter V of the Code, Subsection 2 Chapter XX of the Code, international treaties (agreements))”.

Correspondingly, the Procedure No 21 clarifies the procedure for calculation of VAT amount, which was not paid by the tax payer to the budget because of receipt of tax concessions, for D6 Annex filing. Also the Procedure No 21 sets forth procedure for filling in new sub-lines.

The mentioned changes were approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance “On introduction of changes to the forms and procedure of filing and submission of the VAT reports and cancellation of the order of the State Tax Administration No 167 of 29 March 2010” No 488 of 20 November 2019.

As the tax authorities say, the renewed VAT reports, including D6 Annex, must be submitted starting from the accounting (tax) period for January 2020.

Source: Official website of the State Tax Service of Ukraine