The order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance No 481 of 14 November 2019 entered into force on 20 December 2019, it was registered in the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice on 6 December 2019 with the number 1217/4188 and introduced changes to the form of the Enterprise Income Tax Return, approved by the order of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance No 897 of 20 October 2015 with changes and supplements, registered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice on 11 November 2015 with number 1415/27860.

The mentioned changes include the following:

  • To supplement the income tax return with a new PP Annex “Information on Tax Concessions to be submitted by the tax payers, which do not pay taxes because of tax concessions in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No 1233 of 27 December 2010;
  • To supplement the income tax return form with new lines showing tax liabilities, other penalties and fines, determined in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine, which are not connected with correction of the mistakes (lines 35–37). To take into account the amount shown on line 35 when calculating the amount of line 26. The same line 35 “Amount of the increase in the tax liabilities for violation of the requirements relating to designated use of money exempt from tax according to items 142.1–142.3 Article 142 Chapter III, item 41 Subsection 4 Chapter XX of the Tax Code of Ukraine” will also be used in Table of the VP Annex (correction of found mistakes) and will be taken into account in other amounts of this Annex;
  • To supplement the table on availability of annexes with a column to mark availability of a new PP Annex and divide column ФЗ12 into 2 columns in order to enter information on preparation of the financial statements in accordance with the National Accounting Provision or International Accounting Standards;
  • to write in note 1 to the PN Annex that it is necessary to write full name of the nonresident and location of the nonresident, indicated in the contract/agreement, on lines “Full Name of Nonresident” and “Location of Nonresident”;
  • To remove line 12 “Contributions and premiums for insurance or reinsurance of risks in Ukraine or insurance of residents against risks beyond Ukraine» from table 1 (PN Annex);
  • to supplement the VP Annex with the third table on availability of annexes submitted with the tax returns — forms of financial statements for the accounting (tax) period, or the period for which the amendment is provided;
  • To restate names of differences on lines 3.1.6,, and 3.1.7 of PI Annex to the tax return, and supplement this Annex with a line in subsection “Other differences” in order to show positive difference between the total amount of any payments (remunerations) to the insurance intermediaries and other persons and standard amount of such expenditures, stipulated by item 141.1.3 of the Tax Code of Ukraine.


The mentioned changes are approved by the order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine No 481 of 14 November 2019. This order enters into force from the moment of its official publication, except for changes in PI Annex and new PP Annex, which enter into force on 1 January 2020.


Source: Chapter “Regulatory and Information Documents”