The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by Resolution No. 230 dated March 22, 2021 amended Resolution No. 1236.

The rules of quarantine and restrictive anti-epidemic measures have been adjusted.

Major changes include the following:

Firstly, within the framework of the “yellow”, “orange” and “red” levels of epidemic danger, measures were allowed to assess the quality of education, that is, a trial and classic EIT.

Second, the ban was lifted within the “yellow” and “orange” levels of epidemic danger for carrying out planned measures for hospitalization by state and municipal health care institutions.

Third, for regions where the “orange” level of epidemic danger is established, local commissions on technogenic and environmental safety and emergencies were allowed to establish additional restrictive anti-epidemic measures.

Fourth, on the territory of regions where the “red” level of epidemic danger is established, by a separate decision of the Regional Commission on Fuel and Energy Efficiency and Emergencies, regular and irregular passenger transportation may be prohibited by road and rail transport within the respective regions, except for transit and transportation:

  • passenger cars, the number of passengers, including the driver, in which no more than five people excluding children under the age of 14;
  • official and/or rented motor vehicles of enterprises, establishments and institutions within the number of seats and exclusively along the routes of movement, about which the national police authorities have been informed at least two days in advance;
  • passengers by road in international traffic if they have a laboratory-confirmed negative test result for COVID-19 by polymerase chain reaction, which was carried out no more than 48 hours before the day of the trip.

Fifth, the list of bans for the “red” regions was supplemented with the following:

  • by a separate decision of the State Commission on Fuel and Energy Efficiency and Emergencies, it is prohibited to board passengers in road or rail transport that provides communication between regions, except for boarding passengers on trains of special railway flights in domestic traffic, the decision on which is made in each specific case by the carrier at the request of regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol City State Administrations in coordination with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Health; the introduction of other alternative restrictions, including restrictions on vehicle occupancy, based on the epidemic situation in specific regions;
  • it is prohibited for state and municipal health care institutions to carry out planned measures for hospitalization (except for providing medical care due to the complicated course of pregnancy and childbirth, assistance to pregnant women, women in labour, newborns, assistance in specialized departments of health care institutions for patients with cancer and pulmonological diseases, providing palliative care in hospital settings, providing planned medical care by national-level health care institutions that provide tertiary (highly specialized) medical care, carrying out other urgent and urgent measures for hospitalization, if due to their postponement (postponement) there is a significant risk to life or health people);
  • suspended cable cars are prohibited from operating;
  • it is forbidden to stay in public areas without wearing personal protective equipment respirators or protective masks covering the nose and mouth, including self-made ones.

They also clarified the rules of self-isolation in connection with the crossing of the state border by Ukrainian citizens or checkpoints of entry to the temporarily occupied territories.