The pre-investment tax due diligence

The pre-investment tax due diligence that EBS tax consultants can carry out includes a list of such services:

  • audit of tax accounting and reporting for the period of limitation for compliance of the submitted reports with current legislation, as well as for assessing possible tax risks that may later be assigned to the investor.
  • analysis of contracts and primary documents, analysis of business processes, interviews with the management of the investment object in order to identify tax optimization schemes, aggressive tax models and potential additional tax charges and penalties;

In practice, tax due diligence covers the most significant taxes, namely income tax, VAT, personal income tax, land tax and real estate tax. Our company is also experienced with assessing all local taxes, including environmental tax, land rent, tax for special water use, etc.

Our specialists will provide a detailed report on the work performed, describe the identified risks awaiting the customer company, and recommendations for their elimination.

EBS has been providing tax services in Ukraine for over 20 years, so the quality, speed and professionalism have been proven over the years and hundreds of successful projects.


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