Consulting on local and international taxation issues

  • Tax planning and tax optimization
  • Representation of interests in tax authorities
  • Drawing up tax returns

Taxation is a rather complicated and cumbersome procedure. Taxation is an integral part and a prerequisite for the operation of any business.

EBS Consulting Company offers high quality professional services in the field of taxation, which include the following:

• Consulting on any issues of tax legislation;
• Tax expertise of existing business and identification of “weak” points in the taxation system of the enterprise;
• Tax planning and tax optimization;
• Representation of interests in tax authorities;
• Drawing up tax returns;
• Consulting on issues of taxation in transactions of purchase and sale of business, attraction of investments, foreign economic activity, etc.;
• Providing support in tax disputes;
• Consulting on taxation of corporate income;
• Consulting on taxation of citizens’ income, as well as on the requirements of the legislation;
• Consulting on customs regulation issues.

EBS specialists have extensive practical experience in supporting clients on various issues of Ukrainian tax legislation and taxation, acquired in various areas of business, such as: energy and natural resources, aviation, transport and logistics, finance, construction and real estate, information technology and telecommunications, light and food industry, agriculture, the market of everyday goods.
If you do not know where to get advice on taxes, please contact us. The specialists of our company will help you understand all the nuances and “pitfalls” of the modern corporate taxation system.

Personal tax consultant

A client wishing to receive advice on taxes can call our company without hesitation. We not only know everything about the peculiarities of tax services and the correct work with such authorities, but also provide a range of services in the field of taxation. Thanks to this, the customer receives a lot of advantages:

1. The ability to obtain reliable information in the field of taxation.
2. A tax consultant will provide advice on how to minimize risks.
3. Consulting on taxes allows to save the customer’s time looking for answers to various questions that one way or another will have to deal with: administrative, tax and accounting aspects.
4. Each tax consultant of our company is fluent in English and has experience in this position. Thanks to this, we can offer the client the execution of documentation not only in the state language, but also in a foreign language (for many enterprises that have partners or branches in other countries, this is simply necessary).

If you are interested in complete and high-quality tax advice, our company’s website was created specifically to help clients to receive professional services that will further promote their business. Tax consultations are conducted by people with specialized education and extensive work experience, who are well versed in the field, and also quickly respond to the slightest changes in legislation.

Tax consultation will save the customer a lot of time to find the information he needs, and will allow him to focus on solving the priority problems. If you are still wondering where to get advice on taxes, welcome to contact us.


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