Legal support in tax audits and challenging decisions of tax authorities

Each company decides what resources to use in resolving tax issues. In order to ensure the quality many companies employ external tax consultants to conduct tax audits or expertise. Some try to complete such projects on their own. But when doing such a complex and responsible amount of work, it is not always possible to keep track of all the changes in legislation on your own.

EBS tax consultants are ready to accompany the client company in tax audits of state authorities and in challenging decisions of tax authorities.

We have significant experience in the field of taxes, we are always aware of all changes in tax legislation and therefore are ready at any time to accompany the project and provide high-quality advice and correct answers to inquiries from the point of view of compliance with all legislative norms.

There is a huge risk of not passing a tax audit due to ignorance of the law and it is always better to entrust this work to professionals who have been dealing with tax issues for more than 20 years.


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