Support in tax inspections of state bodies and in refusing decisions of tax authorities

Prompt and qualitative assessment of the legality of tax administration

More than 20 years of experience in the tax field and constant monitoring of legislative updates

Support of tax checks

Tax audits are not always pleasant, but an integral procedure that allows the state to control the correctness of tax payments. And anyone who operates on the territory of Ukraine will sooner or later face the tax office. Office, actual, on-site, as well as on-site tax audits (planned and unscheduled) are possible. EBS experts offer clients support for tax audits in Kiev and Ukraine.

A correct assessment of the legality of tax administration is a guarantee of avoiding mistakes and compliance with all the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, as well as minimizing the risk of receiving fines. That is why you save time, resources and money by deciding to outsource the preparation and maintenance of inspections to EBS experts.

Why is it worth ordering support for tax audits, and not go through it yourself?

  • You can provide unnecessary or inappropriate documents, while tax practitioners are familiar with the procedure and will save you time and money;
  • You may not notice mistakes that threaten to result in financial losses.

For EBS experts, the interests of the customer and the protection of his legal rights are always a priority. Thanks to many years of experience in supporting tax audits, our experts will help to carry out the procedure as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you do not agree with the result of the audit, our specialists will help you with the help of legal remedies to prepare the necessary evidence and achieve a reduction in payments, challenging the decisions of the tax authorities.

Our team has extensive experience in challenging decisions of tax authorities in Ukraine and resolving any disputes with them at the pre-trial stage through negotiations and disputes, as well as directly in court, providing legal services.

Each company decides for itself what resources to use in solving tax issues. For quality assurance, many employ external tax consultants to conduct tax audits or due diligence. Many people try to complete such projects on their own. But doing such a complex and responsible amount of work, it is not always possible to keep track of all the changes in the legislation on your own.

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EBS tax consultants

Are ready to accompany the client company in tax audits of state authorities and in challenging decisions of tax authorities.

We have significant experience in the field of taxes, are always aware of all changes in tax legislation and therefore are ready at any time to accompany and provide high-quality advice and correct answers to inquiries from the point of view of compliance with all legislative norms.

There is a huge risk of not going through a tax audit due to ignorance of the law, and it is always better to entrust this work to professionals who have been dealing with tax issues for more than 20 years.



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