Despite the active development and striving to improve competitiveness, the internal resources and expertise of many businesses are not enough to solve many problems. In this regard, outsourcing services are only becoming more in demand from year to year, because with them you quickly get the missing expertise. By ordering services from a consulting company, a business gets the opportunity to increase productivity, as well as improve financial and image positions.

Consulting services are one of the key areas of work of the EBS team in Ukraine. Our work always begins with a scrupulous study of your business and all the factors affecting it. By arranging work in this way, we can choose the best methods for solving emerging problems. At the same time, complete confidentiality is an immutable rule, as well as an individual approach aimed at maintaining long-term cooperation.

In what situations is it necessary to benefit from the services of the consulting company EBS?

Problems arise for both small and large-scale businesses, because they can be caused by both internal and external factors. If we cannot influence the latter, whether it be an increase in raw material prices, the adoption of new bills, etc., then qualified consulting can help you with our response to changes and internal problems. EBS experts are always ready to suggest options / solutions to the difficulties faced by your business, as well as develop strategies that take into account all factors.

What are the steps in counseling?

  • Analysis – the study of information, statistical data, accounting documentation, analysis of the financial activities of the company and its goals.
  • Planning – the formation of an effective project progress to achieve the set business objectives.
  • Consulting – discussion of the plan, drawing up recommendations for the implementation of changes.
  • Implementation of plans – integration of project results, screening out or improvement of ineffective methods.

What are the areas of counseling?

  • Management consulting is aimed at automating business, optimizing processes, increasing their effectiveness, allowing you to establish interaction and optimize all work processes.
  • Financial advisory. Such services of a consulting company include improvement of the company’s financial management strategy, assistance in the development of accounting policies, improvement of the planning and budgeting system, setting up a system of financial analysis and accounting.
  • HR consulting helps in building an effective personnel management system and high-quality HR record keeping in order to increase the efficiency of its work and avoid penalties.
  • Tax consultations allow you to obtain comprehensive information about the legislative framework and gain confidence in the correctness of tax payments, avoid sanctions from the government authorities, and optimize tax payments to an acceptable level in accordance with the current legislation.
  • Legal consulting is aimed at preventing possible material risks, as well as complying with all the norms of the current legislation in the course of business.
  • IT consulting is a set of work on the implementation, optimization and support of the functioning of automated reporting systems and management of budgeting processes, improving the IT infrastructure, etc.