Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated August 21, 2019 No. 823 “Some issues of state supervision and control over compliance with labor laws” was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. By this Resolution were approved the Procedure for state control over the observance of labor legislation, state supervision of compliance with labor legislation and amending some Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Procedure for State Control provides a list of grounds for inspection visits, a procedure for notifying a visited object of an inspection visit or a restricted visit, the rights and obligations of a labor inspector and a visited object, a procedure for drawing up an inspection visit or a restricted inspection visit, an order and decision-making on the results of an inspection visit or on-site inspection, as well as the application of measures in connection with the violation of labor legislation. In addition, an appeal procedure for the order or requirements of the labor inspector and the time frame for appeal has been established .