Payroll on a regular basis

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Calculation of company employees salary

Calculation of all payroll taxes and contributions to state funds

Calculation of remuneration under the independent contractor agreements

Payroll is an important function of any company’s life. The specificity of this function is to correctly and timely calculate salary for employees, complying with all legal requirements.

Considering the complexity of Ukrainian legislation and regulations in the field of labor relations, company owners have to hire a staff of professional accountants or personnel administration consultants to ensure the calculation of employees’ salary.

EBS payroll services include:

  • Monthly salary calculation (in two stages – advance and final salary calculation);
  • Urgent calculation of wages and unused leave of a dismissed employee;
  • Calculation of all sick days;
  • Calculation of all vacations and other days of absence;
  • Processing of all necessary payments to employees, including calculation of taxes and deductions;
  • Preparation of bank documents necessary for the transfer of funds;
  • Compilation of all mandatory forms of reports;
  • The full range of payroll services required by the client.

Details of the payroll process

  1. Standard processing time: 3 business days
  2. Data export to the internal ERP or to the client’s financial system
  3. Access to EBS network systems without the need to install additional software
  4. Data and documents with processing results are presented in printed form and in the form of files in an approved format.

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What are our advantages?

  • Flexibility in processes of interaction with clients;
  • The possibility of providing a set of services (Multiservice partner);
  • Access to international practices and experience of experts working with different industries;
  • Guaranteed staff reserve;
  • Reduction of tax risks and probability of fines;
  • Competent support during inspections of state bodies;
  • A strict confidentiality agreement with each EBS employee;
  • Development of professional skills of employees;
  • 10,000 processed calculation sheets per month in Ukraine;
  • Own team for implementation and support of BAS products (1C);
  • Quick response to requests (communication in English).

Setting up processes for providing payroll services. Main stages


  • Clarification of requirements for salary calculation
  • Agreeing on the formats for providing initial data

Software configuration

  • Loading initial data
  • Setting up calculations and reports
  • Integration with client systems

System deployment

  • Setting up the environment for industrial operation
  • Setting user rights
  • User training

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Parallel calculation

  • Calculation at the same time as the client
  • Reconciliation of calculation results
  • Correction of deviations (if necessary)

Transition to industrial exploitation

  • Transfer of the solution into industrial operation
  • Start of the stabilization period

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Benefits of outsourcing at a glance wages and salaries



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Reduction of financial expenses for the calculation of salaries



Prompt response to client requests


A reliable partner

We value every client and are happy to see them grow


Qualified personnel

Improving knowledge in the field of payroll


Modern approaches

Technical and software at a high level



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Gained experience at leading enterprises with EBS

We will be happy to hold an introductory meeting with you to clarify all details and requests and a FREE consultation on setting up the payroll process


    years on the market




    happy clients


    more successful projects

    Payroll calculation

    One of the keys to successful business is the ability to properly allocate resources, investing efforts in those areas where they will pay off the most. No wonder the Pareto law says that 20% of efforts give 80% of the result. That is why outsourcing payroll sometimes becomes the best assistant for your business, allowing you to delegate the support of routine business functions to experts, rather than wasting effort on the formation and control of the activities of an internal department.

    EBS offers payroll outsourcing of any complexity for companies of various sizes, fields of activity and organizational structure, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of calculations, as well as the confidentiality of the payroll service.

    Payroll calculation on a regular basis can be provided both to the entire staff of the client company and to a limited circle of employees.

    Benefits of cooperation with EBS

    • The EBS team guarantees a consistently high quality of work. To control the implementation of this clause, we regularly conduct customer satisfaction assessments in the direction of outsourcing payroll, as well as other practices;
    • The ability to focus on strategic issues and business development, entrusting us with the support of your activities. We are responsible for the quality of the performance of the payroll service, since our professional liability is insured;
    • Accuracy and timeliness of outsourcing payroll in full compliance with the terms of the contract with the client and in accordance with the requirements of current legislation;
    • High level of confidentiality of information on wages, which is guaranteed by the Policies and confidentiality agreements, as well as the fulfillment of all requirements of Ukrainian legislation in the field of personal data protection;
    • Significant reduction in the burden on internal financial service specialists and the ability to focus on solving strategic problems by conducting payroll remotely;
    • Pricing depends on the number of employees included in the calculation, which allows you to optimize the cost of providing the payroll process;
    • Payroll outsourcing minimizes the risks of conflict situations with employees on issues of wage arrears or collection of overpayments, as well as the risks of claims from regulatory authorities regarding the quality of calculations and prepared reporting.

    What are the formats of cooperation with EBS depending on the size of the company?

    • For large enterprises, EBS uses both a standard format for providing payroll services (a set of coordinated templates in tabular form) and develops an interface for transferring initial information for payroll with existing client information systems. Such an interface will allow eliminating or minimizing the costs of the client’s specialists for preparing information for calculation;
    • For companies with small and medium headcount, consolidated source data is provided via secure communication channels, when the responsible person of the client company collects all the required source data and simultaneously transfers information files to EBS using a secure FTP server or by other means;
    • For companies of any size, remote input of initial data into the system that conducts payroll is carried out. In this format of cooperation, data can be entered at any time by responsible employees of the client company through remote access to the payroll system. To ensure the security of client data, access to the system is provided through a secure VPN connection with a mandatory authorization procedure.

    EBS experts also conduct additional consultations on optimizing the processes of settlement with personnel, and in the case of choosing a subscription service, they build prompt and open communication with customers.