Calculation of company employees salary

Calculation of all payroll taxes and contributions to state funds

Calculation of remuneration under the independent contractor agreements

Payroll calculation

EBS professionals calculate payroll on a regular basis for companies of any size and sphere of activity, number of employees and organizational structure, ensuring accurate and timely calculation as well as confidentiality of payroll information. Payroll services can be provided either for all company’s employees or for a certain part of staff.

For small and medium-size companies

Submitting consolidated original data via protected communication channels. The corporate client’s designated person gathers all the necessary original data and submits data files to EBS instantaneously via protected FTP server or by other means.

  • Full data confidentiality we comply with all requirements of Ukrainian legislation in the domain of personal data protection.
  • Certification according to international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 27001
  • Reports on efficiency control in service organizations according to the standard ISAE 3402

For big companies, depending on the client’s preferences, EBS either applies a standard approach (a set of agreed table templates) or develops an interface using the client’s existing software for transferring original data for payroll calculation. Such interface allows to exclude or minimize the efforts of the client’s respective staff to prepare information for payroll calculation.

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  • Quality;
  • Freedom to focus on the main activity;
  • Responsibility of the outsourcing company (including insurance of professional liability).
  • Precise and timely payroll calculation in full compliance with the legislation in force.
  • High confidentiality of payroll information.
  • Considerably decreased workload of the internal financial department staff and the opportunity to focus attention on solving strategic tasks.
  • Pricing that depends on the number of employees included in the payroll, which allows to optimize the cost of payroll calculation process.
  • Minimizing risks of conflict situations with the employees in connection with the arrears of salary or recovery of excess payments, as well as risks of claims on the part of control authorities with regard to the quality of calculations and prepared reports.
  • Complying with IT security and business continuity requirements.



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For companies of any size

Remote entry of original data into the payroll calculation system. Data for evaluation of hours worked as well as information about additional accruals and deductions not connected with the employees’ hours of operation can be entered at any time by the corporate client’s executives, as they get remote access to the payroll calculation system. To ensure the client’s data safety, access to the payroll calculation system is provided via protected VPN-connection with mandatory user authorization procedure.

Services include

  • Calculation of company employees salary;
  • Calculation of all payroll taxes and contributions to state funds;
  • Calculation of remuneration under the independent contractor agreements;
  • Calculation of compensation under the sick leave certificates, vacation payments, compensation for the unutilized vacation upon employment termination, severance pay and other legally provided compensation payments;
  • Preparation of mandatory statements for the state authorities;
  • Payroll register preparation;
  • Preparation of summary spreadsheet on payroll taxes;
  • Preparation of payment documents for paying compensation and transferring taxes and levies;
  • Preparation of import files for entry of calculation results into the accounting systems;
  • Submission of mandatory statements to the respective state authorities;
  • Preparation of individual salary slips for the company’s employees;
  • Packing the employees’ salary slips into individual envelopes with the respective employees’ names;
  • Delivery of digital salary slips to the company’s employees and granting access for employees to salary slip archive via a web portal;
  • Additional urgent calculations of payments to employees in the periods other than specified – off-cycle payments;
  • Confidential delivery of documents/files for salary transfer;
  • Monthly preparation of customized reports.

If the client has chosen the standard payroll calculation model, EBS professionals carry out all operations on their own technological platform.

EBS experts can provide various additional consultations on optimization of salary payments to the staff:

  • Budget plan of the annual cost of salary (estimated taking into consideration of the data of planned staff number variation and changes in the company’s incentive policy);
  • Calculation of reduction in salaries in case of changes in the calculation rules and optimization of the accruals and deductions structure;
  • Calculation of payroll fund in case of changes of calculation methods for any remuneration to staff;
  • Optimization of the data collection process for carrying out regular settlements and the order of payments to exclude salary debt incurrence.


  • The services are provided by Kyiv office of the consulting firm EBS to companies located on the territory of Ukraine;
  • All information that is necessary for payroll calculationl shall be provided to EBS professionals by the client in digital format;
  • EBS shall be responsible for correct and timely payroll calculation based on the information obtained from the client;
  • The client shall be responsible for timely provision of information to EBS professionals, as well as for its completeness and quality;
  • BAS system is used to calculate payroll and prepare the agreed reports;
  • BAS accounting system can be adapted to the client’s specific requirements;
  • Various software can be used upon the client’s request.
  • EBS appoints an accountant responsible for granting the above mentioned services, the same person shall also be the client’s main contact at EBS. The responsible accountant is controlled and monitored by the project manager who is the client’s second contact.