Checking the correctness of payroll audit

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Payroll audit based on the data from the staff documents and labor contracts

Verification of completeness and timely payment of the amounts of salary that have been paid

Assessment of the correctness of payroll calculation

Checking the correctness of payroll

During the payroll audit, not only compliance with all legal requirements is checked, as well as the correctness of wages, but also deductions from wages, the timeliness of its payment, and the correctness of payment of tax deductions.

What is included in the audit of settlements with personnel for remuneration?

  • Organization of an audit of remuneration in accordance with the data of personnel documents, local regulations, and employment contracts;
  • Verification of the completeness and timeliness of the amounts of wages paid;
  • Verification of the correctness of the calculation and withholding of taxes on wages (ESV, personal income tax, military tax)
  • Verification of the correctness of the preparation of relevant reports related to the calculation of wages, and the timeliness of their submission (applies to reports on ERUs and 1AF)
  • Checking the correctness of the calculation of the average wage for the purposes of vacation, sick leave, and other payroll calculations;
  • Checking the number of taxes paid in accordance with the calculation of wages, and their timely transfer;
  • Checking the correctness and completeness of maintaining payroll documentation.

Payroll Audit

Any errors in the calculation of wages are an additional waste of funds, but more importantly, a waste of time on resolving conflicts with government agencies.

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What errors can be found during a payroll audit?

  • Violations may be due to the lack of contracts with employees or applications for applied tax deductions;
  • Also, payments to employees may be recognized as unlawful if they were not indicated in the local acts of the enterprise;
  • A gross mistake during a payroll audit is the incorrect formation of the base for taxing insurance premiums, as well as the assignment to the 70th accounting account of funds that were issued to an employee outside the wage system;
  • The result of accounting for the audit of payroll calculations will be a report on the results of the analysis, listing the risks and recommendations.

Checking the correctness of payroll as an investment in the development of the company


Improving the quality of accounting


Optimization of management decisions


Focusing on strategic planning and development


Attracting new investments and opportunities

Benefits of Payroll Validation with EBS



Reduction of accounting costs


Reducing processes

Avoid duplication of functions



Prompt response to client requests



Optimization and improvement of the quality of the accounting and tax accounting system


Modern approaches

High-end hardware and software



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Acquired experience at leading enterprises

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    Checking the correctness of payroll audit

    Methods of payroll calculation at the enterprise need a periodic critical look “from the outside” and verification of the correctness of payroll to assess their compliance with current legislative requirements, which change especially often in this area. It is the frequent updates of standards and the number of nuances that are used in payroll that increase the likelihood of errors.

    Furthermore, when auditing wages, the structure of indicators in financial statements is studied because they should contain complete information about all income paid and accrued to employees.

    Moreover, an important factor in the audit of payroll calculations is reconciliation for discrepancies between accounting registers and primary documentation because if they exist, then this is considered a gross violation. And the main difference between a quality audit and an unscrupulous one is an experienced expert who will not only identify errors but also identify possible causes, as well as give recommendations that will help avoid errors in the future.

    The salary audit is carried out by EBS experts on the territory of the company’s office and on the territory of EBS. EBS experts and a project manager are involved in the implementation of the project, who have significant experience in administering payroll projects, communicating with government agencies, advising on payroll issues, conducting audits, as well as training management and employees of client companies on labor law issues.

    What are the benefits of checking payroll with EBS experts?

    An audit of the correctness of payroll can also be carried out within the company on its own, but there will be no outside view, which can cause oversights in identifying errors and large time costs that can be directed to development issues. In addition, payroll audits are best done with external consultants, simply because they do not review the data again, and therefore treat it more carefully.