Payroll calculation on a regular basis

  • Payroll audit based on the data from the staff documents, internal practice guidelines and labor contracts;
  • Verification of completeness and timely payment of the amounts of salary that have been paid;
  • Verification of correct payroll and deduction of taxes from the salary (UST, personal income tax, military levy)
  • Verification of correctness of the respective reports in connection with payroll calculation and their timely submission (covers UST and 1ДФ reports)
  • Verification of calculation correctness of the average salary for vacation, sick leave and other salary-related calculations;
  • Verification of amount of taxes paid on the basis of payroll calculation and their timely transfer;
  • Verification of correct and complete payroll record maintenance.

EBS consultants will perform audit in the company’s office or on the premises of EBS. The project will include EBS consultants and the project manager highly experienced in administration of payroll projects, communication with state authorities, payroll management consultancy, audits as well as training of the client companies’ managers and staff dealing with labor legislation.


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