Instant payroll methodology assessment

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Verification of compliance with minimum social guarantees

Verification of compliance with minimum salary

Verification of correct indexing of the compensations to employees

Payroll methodology assessment

Analysis of labour costs in companies is necessary for monitoring the use of the salary fund, making reasonable and timely management decisions, and also allows you to assess the degree of feasibility of spending the salary fund and the efficiency of employees’ work, as well as monitor changes in the average salary.

Rapid diagnostics of payroll methodology is necessary to prepare the company for possible inspections of the Ministry of Social Policy. 

The list of items checked by the Labour Inspector includes

  • Compliance with the Labour Code, in particular, compliance with the minimum state guarantees in remuneration;
  • Compliance with the norms of the Law of Ukraine “On Labour Remuneration”;
  • Compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On Holidays”;
  • Compliance with the Regulations for Calculating the Average Salary (Income, Monetary Security) for calculating payments under mandatory state social insurance;
  • Compliance with the Regulations for Calculating the Average Salary.

The main sources of information for analyzing labour costs are accounting and reporting data, data from HR Departments, labour and salaries. You can also get the necessary information from statistical reporting data.

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In the process of rapid diagnostics, EBS advisors focus on the main aspects to be checked by Labour Inspectors of the State Labour Service

  • verification of compliance with minimum social guarantees;
  • verification of compliance with minimum salary requirements;
  • verification of the correctness of indexing employees’ income;
  • verification of the correctness of calculations based on shift schedules, cumulative accounting, night/evening/overtime hours, payment during holidays and non-working hours according to the Collective Agreement or Regulations on Labour Remuneration;
  • verification of the correctness of the methodology for calculating average earnings (on vacation, sick leave);
  • verification of the correctness of remuneration for employees sent on a business trip.

Instant payroll methodology assessment as an investment in the development of the company


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Instant payroll methodology assessment with EBS



Reduction of accounting costs


Reducing processes

Avoid duplication of functions



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Optimization and improvement of the quality of the accounting and tax accounting system


Modern approaches

High-end hardware and software



Large volumes of information processing by our specialists



Constant monitoring of legislative changes



Acquired experience at leading enterprises

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    Based on the results of the assessment of the payroll methodology according to the legislation of Ukraine, a detailed report will be prepared, which includes:

    • Detailed description of the work performed at each stage;
    • Report on compliance of the company’s applicable calculation methodology with legal requirements;
    • Description of risks and potential penalties;
    • Recommendations for eliminating inconsistencies and correcting identified violations.

    The practice has developed the main stages of conducting an economic analysis of labour costs, among which the following can be distinguished:

    1. assessment of the dynamics, composition and structure of the salary fund;
    2. analysis of deviations of actual indicators from planned ones;
    3. analysis of the average salary of employees;
    4. assessment of the ratio of labour productivity growth and salary growth.

    Groups of companies or organizations with a branch structure that have cases of incompatibility of payroll methodologies are rare. Of course, the calculation of salaries is quite clearly regulated by the legislation of Ukraine, but many companies do not have a single document describing the methodology for calculating salaries for all branches or organizations of the group of companies.

    Applying the payroll methodology provides the company with additional advantages:

    • allows the company’s employees to avoid entering duplicate accruals or deductions, since you can use this document to check whether a particular type of calculation is available in the program;
    • already in the process of creating a methodology, you can analyze the current salary calculation, identify and correct errors;
    • when opening new branches or adding a new organization to a group of companies, this methodology will help you set up payroll calculations according to the company’s generally accepted rules;
    • when delegating or replacing, this document will help you quickly introduce a new employee to work;
    • the created methodology for calculating salaries will allow you to automate the calculation effectively.

    Salary calculation methodology of the entire organization or group of companies must be agreed upon and compiled into a single document, which will exclude duplicate calculations, determine the composition of databases for proper calculations, coordinate algorithms, and eliminate system errors. Without this document, it is also impossible to transfer calculation data from old databases, since the result is a lot of unstructured types of calculations.

    Express diagnostics of payroll methodology allows you to improve the work of the internal financial service. The correct calculation of salaries and their timely payment require the employer to attract significant financial and human resources, as well as employees of the company, who have professional abilities and talents in this field. Outsourcing payroll or delegating the implementation of this business process to professionals is an effective solution to the problem.

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