Instant payroll methodology assessment

Getting ready to the audit by the Ministry of Social PolicyKey points inspected by a labor inspector:

  • Compliance with the Labor Code, in particular with the minimum salary guaranteed by the state;
  • Compliance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “About Labor Remuneration”;
  • Compliance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “About Vacations”;
  • Compliance with the Average Salary Calculation Procedure (compensation, financial support) for calculation of payments under mandatory state social insurance;
  • Compliance with the Average Salary Calculation Procedure.

During instant assessment* the EBS consultants focus on the key points checked by labor inspectors:

  • Verification of compliance with minimum social guarantees;
  • Verification of compliance with minimum salary;
  • Verification of correct indexing of the compensations to employees;
  • Verification of correct calculation according to the shift schedule, total hours worked, night/evening/overtime hours, payment for work during public holidays and days off according to the Collective employment agreement or according to the Provisions on labor remuneration;
  • Verification of correct methods of average earnings calculation (based on vacation or sick leave certificate);
  • Verification of correct compensation to employees sent on a business trip;

Instant assessment result is a report** about compliance of the Company’s applicable calculation approach with the statutory requirements including description of risks, potential penal sanctions and suggestions for elimination of non-compliances.

* Assessment is carried out during a business meeting and questioning the Customer, with random check of the described areas sampling 3–5 employees over a period of one month

** Instant assessment report to assess the company’s approach to payroll calculation is not the same as an auditor’s opinion


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