Expert assessment of filling in sick leave certificates

  • Full compliance with legal requirements
  • Mitigation of risks in connection with misuse of sick pay provided by the Social Insurance Fund
  • Reduction of HR department’s workload

The process of verification and filling in sick leave certificate forms is tedious and takes too much time and resources of the company’s HR department. It is possible to reduce the HR workload engaging EBS professionals who are able to provide quality performance in this area.

The service of expert assessment of filling in sick leave certificates includes:

  • Assessment of acceptability of the sick leave certificate.
  • Verification of full and correct filling in of all sections on the front page of the sick leave certificate according to legal requirements.
  • Comparative check of the time off work due to sickness and the data in the time-sheet with further amendment of the time-sheet based on the information in the sick leave.
  • Filling in the reverse side sections of the sick leave (HR part – optional).
  • Checking average earnings calculation and determining which variant will be more beneficial for the employee (in case of maternity leave and child care allowance calculation).

After the sick leave certificates have been submitted to EBS office according to the checklist, they undergo the processing stages as follows:


EBS professional will visually examine the front part of the sick leave, checking for:

correctness of data of the employee, employer and health care facility;

availability of information about the time off work, order of dates, therapy profile and doctor’s information;

if there are any alterations in the sick leave, whether or not such alterations made by the doctor are correct;

presence of all the necessary signatures, seals and codes.


EBS professional will compare the sick leave data with the time sheet information. If any discrepancies are discovered, the time sheet shall be amended accordingly.


Reconciliation of data shown in the section “Length of the pensionable service” on the reverse side of the sick leave with the employee’s pensionable service length as shown in the accounting (optional).


Filling in the sick leave sections concerning salary and granted allowance.


After the sick leaves have been completed, the EBS professional will prepare the report indicating the sick leaves that do not fully comply with the established order and marking the discovered irregularities. The prepared report is submitted to the company together with the completed original sick leave certificates.

Advantages of the service on expert assessment of filling in sick leave certificates:

Compliance of the completed original sick leave certificates with the applicable statutory requirements.

Opportunity to get consultations of EBS experts on all issues related to filling in sick leave certificates as well as on payment of sickness benefits to the employees.

Mitigation of the risk of rejection of the benefits paid by the Social Insurance Fund during the audit by the Fund.

Reducing the accounting department workload and maximizing time for the company’s strategic goals.


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