Confidential payroll calculation for key executives

To comply with the strict security policy and confidential approach to payroll calculation for key executives at all stages of the process, we offer you a special EBS solution for payroll calculation.

EBS offers the service of “Confidential payroll calculation for key executives” that guarantees strict confidentiality of the salary data of the company’s employees, dramatically reducing various risks linked to disclosure of such information.


Such risks can include:

  • The risk of the employees working less efficiently due to disruption of the company’s internal climate, as the employees can feel resentful and envious towards their higher-paid colleagues; this can provoke a conflict situation.
  • The risk of payroll increase due to the staff pay claims.
  • The increased risk of poaching of highly skilled employees by corporate competitors, which can subsequently lead to higher costs for search and replacement of the staff that has left the company.

Such risks are especially challenging in the case of key executives.

Advantages of such solution

  • Maximum confidentiality of the company’s key executives’ payroll information.
  • Timely, precise and correct payroll calculation for the company’s key executives.

Specific features of the solution

  • The client and EBS interact as follows: one authorized person from the client communicates with one authorized person from EBS.
  • Reports on salaries and taxes of the client’s key executives are prepared separately from reports on the salaries of the rest of the company’s employees.
  • Confidentiality is supported by the availability of our own innovative IT platform and unique approach to provision of services, and governed by the agreement concluded with a legal entity.
  • Anonymity of payments relating to the salary of the company’s key executives.

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