Confidential payroll for top managers

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Maximum confidentiality of the key executives’ payroll information

Timely, precise and correct payroll calculation for the key executives

Reduction of risky outflow of data on the company top management

Confidential payroll for top managers

In order to comply with a strict security policy and confidentiality of wages for TOP managers at all stages of the process, we comply with all the conditions of the internal privacy policy.

EBS experts conduct confidential payroll calculations for top managers, ensuring the confidentiality of data on the salaries of company employees, significantly reducing various risks associated with the disclosure of such information.

These risks include:

  • The risk of a decrease in the efficiency of the work of employees due to a violation of the internal climate in the company due to discontent and envy of employees in relation to higher-paid colleagues, which can lead to a provocation of a conflict situation;
  • The risk of an increase in personnel costs associated with the demand of employees to increase wages to the level of other specialists;
  • The risk of increasing attempts to lure highly skilled workers by competing companies and subsequently increasing the financial costs of finding and replacing departed workers.

Such risks are especially relevant in relation to the company’s management.

Advantages of solution

  • Maximum confidentiality of salary information of TOP managers.
  • Timeliness, accuracy and correctness of salary calculation for the company’s top managers.

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Features of working with EBS experts

  • The interaction between the client and the EBS team takes place through the communication of one authorized person on the part of the client and an authorized expert on the part of the company;
  • The payroll and tax reporting of the client’s top managers is prepared separately from the payroll reports of all other employees of the company;
  • Confidentiality is respected due to the methodology for the provision of services, and is also regulated by an agreement concluded with a legal entity;
  • Payments related to the salary of the company’s management are completely anonymized.

Setting up the processes of providing a confidential salary calculation service for top managers. Main stages


  • Clarification of requirements for salary calculation
  • Agreeing on the formats for providing initial data


  • Clarification of requirements for salary calculation
  • Agreeing on the formats for providing initial data

System Deployment

  • Environment settings for industrial operation
  • Configuring user rights
  • User Training

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Parallel calculation

  • Completing the calculation simultaneously with the client
  • Reconciliation of calculation results
  • Correction of deviations (if necessary)

Transition to industrial exploitation

  • Transfer of the solution into industrial operation
  • Start of stabilization period

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    Confidential payroll for top managers

    Despite its apparent simplicity, payroll is one of the most difficult and complex areas of accounting. This is due to frequent updates of legislation in this area, as well as the need to take into account many factors.

    That is why, it is often a much better solution not to increase the load on the accounting department, thereby increasing the likelihood of errors and shortcomings, but to transfer confidential payroll to experienced professionals who can do this with the highest quality and at the best cost. After all, another advantage of outsourcing the payroll of managers is that you do not pay for a five-day working week of an internal specialist and social guarantees, but only for the work actually done.

    Also, when calculating wages, such an aspect as the confidentiality of wages is important, which is much more difficult to guarantee within the company, because the human factor plays its role. This is especially important for maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the company and reducing the risk of conflicts. This is of particular importance in large companies, in which the number of employees causes a disproportion in wages within one line.

    What are the benefits of payroll for top managers with the EBS team?

    • The most confidential payroll, which is achieved through strict control over compliance with the privacy policy;
    • Timeliness, accuracy and correctness of payroll calculation for top managers of the company, thanks to many years of experience of EBS experts in this field;
    • Minimizing the likelihood of errors in payroll.