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EBS has been providing payroll outsourcing services in Ukraine since 2003. During this period our professionals have accumulated unique experience in the area of payroll calculation for companies of various sizes working in any business sphere regardless of geographic location of their units. We guarantee full safety of your confidential data and continuity of your work flow. We ensure accurate compliance of our services with your company’s corporate standards, follow all requirements of tax and labor legislation of Ukraine and keep continuous track of all changes in legislation and requirements of regulatory authorities, to minimize tax and financial risk.

EBS payroll experts do not just provide the package comprising calculation of remunerations to employees, tax liabilities and dues, as well as contributions to the compulsory social insurance scheme, but also consult on the issues of correct arrangement of compensation cycle to various employee categories, including foreign citizens.

Payroll calculation is one of the vital functions of any company. It includes drawing payroll for all employees in a correct and timely manner, in compliance with all legal requirements. Taking into consideration complex nature of the Ukrainian legislation and regulatory control of the sphere of labor relationship, company owners have to hire a fleet of professional accountants to manage payroll.

Payroll management service is the possibility to optimize work of the company’s finance department. Correct calculation and timely payment of salary challenges the employer to attract considerable financial and human resources, requires professional competence of the company’s staff and certain skills in the area. An efficient solution of the problem shall be to outsource payroll, that is, to assign implementation of this particular business process to a professional provider.

Payroll outsourcing allows to minimize the company’s risks coming from the need to comply with legal requirements in the sphere of labor remuneration and taxation.

Our company is ready to offer payroll calculation services, releasing the client from routine operations linked with the process of payroll drawing for employees, calculating taxes and mandatory contributions to special funds. All the above operations are quite time-consuming and require attention to detail when doing the job. Payroll services provided by our company will allow the client to fully concentrate on developing business, not being distracted by minor, though mandatory, tasks.

Payroll outsourcing service is in demand among small, medium-sized and even big companies with over a thousand employees. It is a too cumbersome and labor-intensive task for big companies to arrange their internal payroll service, that is why a more efficient alternative to doing payrolls internally is to delegate payroll function to an external provider — a company that provides this type of services at a professional level.

Among the main advantages of payroll outsourcing there is access to expert base and experience acquired by the provider, methodological support and continuous monitoring of legislative change, highly automated payroll operations and resilient infrastructure, which eventually leads to higher quality and professionalism in payroll calculation and ensures business continuity.

Payroll outsourcing service is used not only by Ukrainian businesses but also by the majority of foreign companies working on the territory of Ukraine. For such companies outsourcing is not only financially efficient, but also more reliable from the perspective of data confidentiality; besides, it allows to minimize risk of workforce disputes connected with payroll mistakes.

Payroll management basics
Payroll outsourcing services carried out by our company are fully in line with all statutory requirements and provisions.
EBS consulting company specializes in provision of payroll outsourcing services and offers to the clients a comprehensive list of functions within the area, including:

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