Support of the Financial Statements Audit Performed in accordance with the International Standards

Many Ukrainian companies face the need to prepare financial statements in accordance with the international standards (IAS), including:

• Companies with foreign investments

• Companies wishing to get credit (in the Ukrainian and foreign financial institutions)

• Companies planning to attract foreign investors (shareholders)

• Companies planning to enter the international financial markets, etc.

EBS provides the services relating to interaction with the audit companies during international audit and confirmation of the financial statements, protection of client’s interests, introduction of the approved changes into financial statements. Our specialists are experienced in usage of different accounting standards for accounting maintenance and financial statements preparation.


• Provision of the unbiased information about financial condition of the company in the form which is comfortable for foreign partners

• Display of real cost of assets and liabilities of the company (provided that the client has provided reliable information)

• Development of confidential relations with the foreign partners as a result of provision of reliable and unbiased information

• Additional competitive advantages when considering opportunities to invest in the company.


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