Review of the Financial and Tax Accounting

EBS services include counseling on all the issues related to business. Review of the accounting records and tax reports is performed to check primary documents and tax reports of the company in order to find mistakes and minimize tax penalties. Review differs from the audit by the volume of inspection. Inspection period is not limited to calendar reports, it can cover several months, quarters or even years.

The review allows managers or owners of the companies to receive current financial information for a certain period of time in order to be sure in reliability of the financial statements and avoid possible fines.

Unlike the audit, review of the financial and tax accounting saves more resources, because it is performed for the limited list of primary documents and with involvement of the smaller number of auditors. Auditor’s conclusion relating to the review is made with limited (medium) confidence in the inspection object.

Review of the financial statements is performed in order to receive intermediary financial statements and reports on the affiliates of the holding companies during consolidation of the financial statements by the parent company.

Inspection of the documents requires attentiveness and concentration. Detailed review and correction of documents and reports for a certain period of time takes 1 – 2 months.

Inspection of the primary documents

Inspection of the accounting records is carried out in several stages. At first the EBS professionals gather all documents of the department for a certain period of time. Then the work is performed in the following way:

  1. Consultation with the company’s owner relating to the financial activity of the company.
  2. Comparative analysis of the company’s profits and expenditures.
  3. Checkup of the documents for errors and incompliance of the input data with real expenditures and profits.

As a result the client gets clear, transparent and ready-made documents, which will be accepted by the tax inspection and any other authorities.

Check of the cost estimate documents: price

Cost of the service is discussed individually, because we offer individual approach to each client. The client will know the cost of the service after the first consultation, where we will solve main organizational and work issues.