International Restructuring of Business and Deoffshorization

Our company deals with development and optimization of business in any sphere: industrial, agricultural etc. Sooner or later it is necessary to restructure the company in order to increase its performance. EBS is ready to provide its services relating to international deoffshorization and restructuring of the company. Our offer stipulates analysis of risks of currently existing international structure and analysis of economic connections of this structure.

Business success mostly depends on well organized, uninterrupted operation of the financial department, but not all managers have the most efficient financial structures. EBS offers the services aimed at restructuring of the financial departments — transformation of existing accounting departments, available in most of the Ukrainian companies, into modern financial departments with Western standards. In our work we use the best global practice and offers, taking into account specifics of work and the sphere of business of the client’s financial departments.

When performing transformation of the financial department, we work with the company’s executives and separate members of the financial department. As a result of such an approach we can develop the most appropriate financial organizational structure for our client, which will become one of the key factors for successful achievement of the company’s purposes.

Financial department restructuring includes the following stages:

  • Analysis of the current structure of the financial department, process and job description of the existing personnel
  • Determination of drawbacks and problems resulting in inefficient work of the current financial organization Creation of clear direction and purposes for introduction of changes in current structures of the department
  • Development of the most appropriate structure of the organization, including:
  • Optimization of work process in order to reduce manpower resources
  • Reorganization of tasks for each functional sphere
  • Preparation of a new job description for each accountant
  • Equal distribution of load
  • Creation of new jobs in accordance with the analysis, job descriptions and corresponding obligations.


  • Increase in efficiency of strategic decision taking on the basis of more transparent and accurate system of management accounting
  • To release internal resources via redistribution of load and functional obligations between the accountants
  • Increase in the efficiency of the whole department, by means of more competent and prepared people
  • Reduction of expensive mistakes, caused by false information
  • Increase in efficiency of the financial department


  • Efficient, modern and task-oriented financial department
  • Appropriate redistribution of load between the accountants
  • More competent team of the accountants
  • Well described responsibilities, including responsibilities for each job
  • Guarantee that the accounting records are based on the reliable data basis

Our company consists of competent specialists with more than 3 years of experience in this area. We have qualified lawyers, economists, accountants, etc. You can entrust us with development of your business!