Consultations on Tax Issues

Taxation is a complex and cumbersome procedure. It is an integral part of and necessary condition for operation of any business.

Consulting company EBS offers qualitative professional services in the taxation sphere, including:

  • Consultation on all issues, relating to tax legislation;
  • Tax expertise of existing business and detection of weak points in the company’s taxation system;
  • Tax planning and optimization;
  • Representation of the client’s interest in tax institutions;
  • Preparation of tax declaration;
  • Counseling on taxation during execution of business sale/purchase agreements, attraction of investments, external economic activities, etc.
  • Support in tax disputes;
  • Counseling on taxation of the company’s income;
  • Counseling on taxation of the citizen’s income with a view to requirements of the legislation;
  • Counseling on customs regulation.

EBS professionals are experienced in supporting the clients with regard to different issues of the Ukrainian tax legislation and taxation, this experience was gained in different spheres, including: power industry, natural resources, aviation, transport, logistics, finances, construction, real estate, information technologies, telecommunications, textile industry, food industry, agriculture, and consumer goods market.

If you do not know where you can get consultation on taxes, contact us. Our specialists will help you to understand nuances and pitfalls of the contemporary taxation system.

Personal tax consultant

The client, wishing to get tax consultation, can call our company. We will tell you not only about peculiar features of the tax institutions operation, but will explain how to work with them correctly and will offer a whole range of services relating to tax consultations. Due to this, the client can get many advantages:

  1. Opportunity to analyze financial experience of the foreign companies, and understand nuances of the accounting.
  2. The tax consultant will tell how to mitigate risks of fines.
  3. Legal consultation on taxes can help to save time needed to search for the answers to different questions, which you are sure to face: administrative, tax and accounting aspects.
  4. Each tax consultant of our company is fluent in English and has solid experience in this area. Due to this, we can offer the client to execute documents not only in our state language but also in the foreign language (it is necessary for the companies which have partners and branches in other countries).

If you need a complete and qualitative tax consultation, our website is created to help the clients to get professional services, which will promote their business. Tax consultations are provided by the people with education in the corresponding sphere and solid experience, who quickly react to the smallest changes in the legislation.

The tax consultation will save money needed to search for the necessary information and will enable to focus on the main tasks. If you still haven’t decided where to get the tax consultation, welcome to us.


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