IT Outsourcing

EBS IT services are technical and administrative assistance from an EBS IT expert in your office.

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Improvement of business automation systems

Creation of technical specifications

Installing updates and configuring systems

IT outsourcing is the transfer by the client of its current functions to support IT systems to an external IT company, while the contractor guarantees the performance of these functions at a high level.

EBS services in the field of outsourcing technical support of IT infrastructure and support of software products ensure the achievement of uninterrupted operation of corporate information systems, minimize the risks of failures in their work, optimize the cost of development and operation of IT infrastructure.

IT outsourcing includes the following services:

  • Improvement of business automation systems according to the client’s request;
  • Creation of technical specifications, reference books and instructions for working with configurations;
  • Installing updates and configuring systems;
  • Maintenance and technical support services for management and financial accounting modules;
  • Advising employees on how to use the program;
  • Advising on financial management accounting in the system;
  • Elimination of errors in the operation of management financial accounting modules made during its development;
  • Adapting existing system settings;
  • Creating additional reporting forms;
  • Making configuration changes as requested;
  • Checking the integrity of databases;
  • Creation of the necessary documentation according to client requests;
  • Configuring and updating the software part;
  • Periodic preventive and diagnostic measures in the hardware and software of the computer park to prevent emergencies and identify bottlenecks;
  • telephone consultations on setting up configurations and improvements in the system;
  • development of the company’s information security policy;
  • organization of secure connection of company employees to the internal network from anywhere in the world;
  • introduction of electronic document management systems;
  • implementation of corporate systems to support group work;
  • full or partial support of the existing IT infrastructure of the company.

Why to go for the IT outsourcing service in our company

Time and money have always been the key factors in business. These two concepts are always closely related and often directly derived from each other. Any prudent manager seeks to reduce the costs of both. Let us consider how the partnership will be beneficial in this context.

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Advantages of outsourcing IT services:

  • reducing the cost of IT administration;
  • reducing and controlling IT resource costs;
  • getting better IT products or services;
  • timely and high-quality assistance of an IT specialist;
  • use of the necessary specialized equipment and technologies;
  • reducing IT risks;
  • division and partial transfer of IT risks to another company.

IT Outsourcing an investment in company development


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    You can outstaff and outsource almost the entire ‘computer’ component of the enterprise: maintenance of the computer park, network administration, database management, development and support of online resources and much more. You can transfer the entire IT infrastructure to the contractor, or you can trust only individual segments.

    One of the most popular and expedient types of IT outsourcing is the subscription service of information systems of the organization. This type of service includes the implementation of a set of works by the contractor, which will allow the client to do without the formation of its own Computer Department and, in many cases, even to abandon the only staff unit – the system administrator. Of course, if we are talking about a large company with an extensive network of branches and complex internal infrastructure, having its own IT Department may be a must. But if the scale of the organization is not so significant, outsourcing may be the most economically and organizationally justified choice.

    In practice, outsourcing of certain IT responsibilities does not only provide significant cost savings, but also leads to increased productivity due to more qualified, qualitative and operational actions of the contractor than the staff.

    Other advantages of cooperation with an outsourcing company:

    • Reputable outsourcing companies employ experienced, certified and highly paid specialists who have extensive experience and constantly improve their knowledge. They perform their work efficiently and quickly.
    • When an outsourcing company provides services, you pay only for the result. No organizational issues concern you. You don’t need to conduct any interviews and spend time on probationary periods.
    • Staff outsourcing services. The contractor’s employees on sick leave or resigned should not be your concern. Services are provided to you regularly because, in a specialized company, there are always several people who perform the same functions.
    • You no longer need to worry that an experienced and pivotal IT specialist will move to another company.
    • You get a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your requirements and requests, from small-point projects to complex tasks. All issues are handled by the same organization in a centralized manner.